In today’s post I am going to talk about Fiverr and 2 things you can easily sell on Fiverr to make money.

About Fiverr

Just in case you’re not too sure what Fiverr is: it’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services (called “gigs”) for as little as $5. It started out as a $5 marketplace but quickly evolved to being more than just $5 services. Now there are ways to make sales of $50, $100 and more using what’s known as “gig extras”.

Examples of popular gigs include building a website, writing an article, building backlinks, writing emails, translation, singing, videos, pretty much anything. Of course, it is important to make sure that you have the relevant skills and experience, software and if you are dealing with client data and information, adequate security measures to protect both you and your client from cyber attacks and data breaches. Look at the Essential 8 information to find out exactly how you can protect your freelancing gigs.

And the good thing is that right now there are tons of people making well over $10,000 USD every single month on Fiverr. Read below to see how you can get your own slice of these profits.

What To Sell: Gig 1 (Training)

Everyone wants training on something. Maybe it’s presentation skills, website design, coding, how to train your pet. We all want more information.

This is great, because it means you can easily make or buy some training which you can sell on Fiverr. Let’s take a quick look at a random gig for training:


As you can see, this gig has already had 26 reviews. Since only 1 in 5 people leaves a review, it means that it has had at least 120 sales.

Best of all? For this kind of gig, all you need to do is create a PDF or a video, and then as soon as someone orders this gig from you, you just send them the PDF. It takes 30 seconds to fulfil the order and you make $5 for 30 seconds of your time.

Here is how the gig can be set up:

  • Find training topics that is in high demand (by doing searches for “training” on Fiverr and figuring out which ones are popular)
  • Decide which one you can make your own training for
  • Alternatively, you can buy some quality PLR training which you can resell
  • Make the training
  • List your gig
  • Fulfil the orders

This method is described in a lot more detail in Fiverr Smasher which is a high quality course I bought a couple of days ago. It covers the “Training” gig method in a lot of detail in high quality step by step format.

What To Sell: Gig 2 (Emails)

The second thing you can sell on Fiverr is email copy. Marketers need emails for their follow up email series, welcome emails, promotional emails, educational emails. Every marketer needs emails, but every marketer HATES writing emails.

This presents us with a great opportunity to profit from it. Since it only takes about 5 minutes to write an email, you can write about 10 short emails in an hour. Which means that if you charge $5 per email, you can make $50 an hour or more.

Let’s take a look how much work there is for emails:


Cool, isn’t it?

This is just ONE example of a gig which already has 98 Reviews. Only about 20% of people leave reviews, which means that she has sold close to 500 of these services. She also offers “extras” which means that she has made at least $2.5k but most likely close to $5k or $10k including all the extras.

The steps to write emails on Fiverr are simple:

  • Get the order
  • Find similar emails online by searching Clickbank Affiliate Pages which already have pre-written emails
  • Rewrite those emails in your own words
  • Deliver the gig and get paid.

There is much more info about this method here in the 5rr Enigma Course.This truly is a very simple way to get started and earn your first serious money online.

I hope you enjoyed this info. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Speak soon.



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