Hey guys, I will get straight to the point… I would like to give you a chance to win a few FREE COPIES of the best, the most valuable, the most powerful and… I would even say the most BADASS traffic training I have ever released 🙂

Normally I am very careful making claims like this, but here I had no hesitation whatsoever. Why? Because inside we are showing something that works so well, that I was completely stunned when Adam Payne showed this to me for the first time.

Since then, I have partnered up with Adam and Stephen Gilbert and for the past 3 months we have been testing and perfecting this system…

I mean look at these results. Isn’t it just beautiful… And this is just a TINY portion of what we’ve done with Facebook recently:


All this is very possible to achieve as fast as a few days, on a tiny TINY tiny budget of just $5 a day. One of the first tiny ads we put out generated $239, and others are giving us really insane ROIs. And you don’t need a product, a list, a blog… You don’t need to make your own video. And you can totally do this even without a website.

And it’s so simple, it’s almost hands off. Takes 30-60 minutes to set up from scratch, wait a few days, get a huge TARGETED audience and start driving tons of traffic in any niche, anywhere you want. Works with affiliate marketing, CPA, eComm, list building, t-shirts, anything you can think of.

Watch this video or read below to see how you can get a FREE COPY of this course:

Click Here at 11am Sunday the 11th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

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Click Here at 11am Sunday the 11th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

Win Your Free Copy (NOW CLOSED.

The winners are:


Main Modules $27


I will start off by saying that yes $27 is a bit higher than all of my previous courses which were all around $7. But this is because this training really is worth a lot more than any other product I have released. We sold almost 5,000 copies of my previous product (Snap Affiliate Profits) and we simply cannot give this new information into the hands of that many people.

So to limit the saturation of the methods, we decided to make it available for $27 for the first 13 hours. Through the launch period the price will go up to $37 and then $47.

Now, on to the content of the actual course.

In the main offer, we have 17 detailed videos which will walk you through everything you need to know about the method. And the way we have structured it is we are setting up a brand new campaign in a brand new niche and are showing you the actual results, including all stats after 24 and 48 hours.

Here is what you will learn:

– How to pick a niche which has the best potential for giving you a LOT of buying, passionate traffic

– How to target them using our special technique for picking Facebook interests

– How to make a Facebook Video Ad without ever having to make your own video

– How to get tens and even hundreds of thousands of video views for the tiniest budget you can imagine

– How to automatically put all viewers who viewed your video to the end into a Custom Audience. It means that are SUPER passionate about your niche, and they are LASER-targeted prospects

– How to then run ads to this Custom Audience which will get extremely high CTR and super cheap penny clicks (and this traffic BUYS)

All of this is arranged into a really nice membership site (please watch my video above to see the site details).

To sum it up, the first 8 modules of the training will show you how to get huge Audiences of 100,000’s in a few days, with a case study. Modules number 9-17 will show you how to monetize those audiences by driving all those targeted clicks anywhere you want. And we have included the examples for list building, YouTube, T-Shirts.

Just imagine having a targeted email list of 100,000 or more. Our method is very similar and even more powerful.

Upgrade 1 Review ($67 and $37 options)

Inside this upgrade you get two things in one: 5 exact case studies and 10 exact Done For You niches.

This upgrade can help you cut down the time you spend setting up the system, eliminate doubts over what niches are good, and will also show you the EXACT things we have done in the past.

5 Case Studies include:

– What niche we targeted

– What video we used

– What our FB page is (you can go to it and see it all)

– What our stats were (expenses, profits etc)

– How we monetized the traffic

10 Done For You Niches include:

– 10 hot buying niches

– Pre-researched interests in each of the 10 niches

– 30 header graphics for FB pages (3 per niche)

– 30 profile graphics for FB pages (3 per niche)

– 30 videos which you should use and which are likely to go viral (3 per niche)

– 30 FB post copy texts which you can copy and paste and start your ad straight away

That’s the $67 version. The $37 version includes 2 case studies and 5 DFY niches and is also great value – so you can just make a choice of which one you prefer.

Upgrade 2 Review: Coaching ($97 and $67 options)

After every launch I get a lot emails asking if we are offering any kind of coaching or implementation support, and I have never done this before.

Well, we are changing things on this launch and are offering a 4-week group coaching program via webinars.

You get 2 things: Facebook Group Coaching and the Webinar Coaching.

In these 4 weeks, we will walk you through all of the tricks about this system. We will also demonstrate to you how we set up a brand new campaign live, from scratch. We will also show you how that campaign is performing and we will share ALL stats with you. You will be able to follow along, set up your own campaigns and ask us questions.

We will support you in the FB group pretty much around the clock.

And the webinars will happen once a week so you can ask us questions live, on the webinar. We will not get off the calls until we have answered every single question.

That’s the $97 option… With the $67 option you will get recordings of those webinars (so the only difference is that you will not be able to attend a live webinar).

You will get the FB group support with both of those options

So you will have someone there by your side, helping you set this system up.

(not live yet) Click Here at 11am Sunday the 11th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

My Bonuses

I have changed my approach with bonuses and no longer offer 5 or 10 of my previous products as a bonus, it was too overwhelming for many of you and a lot of you said you never ended up going through all those products anyway.

So I am offering ONE bonus, and it’s custom made by me and it’s really valuable.

Bonus #1: My video tutorial on an extra technique

I have developed Adam’s method a little bit in the past few days and have learnt something very cool. It lets you drive very cheap clicks WHILE building the audience (so you don’t have to build it first and then drive traffic). You can literally drive traffic WHILE you are building your audience. And then you can drive even more, even cheaper traffic after your audience is built.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

Good luck to anyone who is trying to win the course!

    75 replies to "Social Traffic Alchemy Review: $239 From a Tiny Ad"

    • Robert

      Given all the Facebook methods going around, I’m very curious to see what you’ve come up with.

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey guys I am here on the blog, hanging out 🙂 If you have any questions, just let me know.

    • Chloe Houston

      Hi Greg this looks like very detailed training. Does this require an already established FB account or can you have success with a brand new FB account? I would like to drive traffic to a new blog I am creating centered around passive profits.

      • Robert Donahue

        I agree with Chloe’s concern, Greg, about “newness” tho not so much, in my case, a new account, but newly using an existing social account to create Pages (or whatever’s applicable) and pursuing ncome as an individual user. Um. Duh. Guess all I need ask is, must you have/create a seperate “business” account for this new method or not? Thanks,

        • Greg Kononenko

          Hi Robert and Chloe

          No, you don’t need a business account. You only need one if you have over 3 pages, and it takes 2 seconds to get a FB Business Manager (you dont need to create a new profile, it’s just a sign up form, takes 2 minutes).

          And yes you can use this with a brand new FB account, although I would recommend using it for personal purposes fir the first 1-2 weeks: post some stuff, connect with friends, upload photos etc. After 2 weeks you can start running ads.

          • Robert

            Hi Greg

            Thanks for the answer and the extra info share that, even if it seems small to any of you already practicing Facebook internet marketers, is above/beyond what was asked and was helpful, actionable, & not buried in a white paper of fluff. Godspeed, sir. After chasing the guru train, you kind of make me do a double-take, truth-be-told, like … really? Accessible & free value-giving? To the potentially small audience that not only clicks, then not only reads–not part but all–of his email/blog post, but continues down to read the first set of Facebook-connected comments AND then the 2d set of apparently-blog-borne comments as well? To see an answer to just 2 people’s similar concerns, succinctly (unlike me) answering them & giving extra/explanatory relevant advice/info? Seriously, thanks for being real, man. Maybe you know how oft one nearly gives up trying to grasp the dream.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Robert and Chloe

        No, you don’t need a business account. You only need one if you have over 3 pages, and it takes 2 seconds to get a FB Business Manager (you dont need to create a new profile, it’s just a sign up form, takes 2 minutes).

        And yes you can use this with a brand new FB account, although I would recommend using it for personal purposes fir the first 1-2 weeks: post some stuff, connect with friends, upload photos etc. After 2 weeks you can start running ads.

    • Rob Esmund

      Hey this sounds great! A really comprehensive course which explains everything clearly and in detail is what most of us want… My worry is about Facebook ads I wonder how you can get them as cheaply as you say.
      Anyway this course is too good to let pass by for sure.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Rob

        You can do that on $5 a day budget.The clicks you are seeing above are POST clicks, and they are doable for $0.001 per click. The actual clicks onto your website will cost more than that of course, but I am getting clicks between $0.04 and $0.12 at the moment, with $0.12 being my highest cost.

    • David

      Looking forward to your new course Greg.

    • alan Mack

      Hi Greg

      You are dad right about bonuses being too overwhelming….so you got that spot on.

      As for your actual bonus I’m intrigued to say the least and eager to get it.

      If your bonus sounds good then the main item must be a belter…and I like that it can work with loads specially Ecom.

      I’ve just received back from you your bonus video showing your own Ecom site which I’m going to tear into tonight after supper….cant wait.

    • Antonio Matos

      Hi Greg,

      I know that this product will be on point, the reason I’m saying this you are always providing great information. So Gregg wishing you great success.

    • Suren Rao

      Hey Greg,
      You are an inspiration for all of us who want to have the financial freedom and time for our family.
      Look forward to this power packed product and hope I can make some breakthroughs
      whichI will let you know!


    • Steve Raines

      Looks good Greg. “you Guys’ always put out good stuff 😉 Paid traffic, done wrong, can be very costly. Hopefully Social Traffic Alchemy will help many of us to greater success with our online careers.

    • Joyce Amri

      What you’ve put together at such a low price makes it the most valuable program I’ve encountered in my 14 years of probing the internet. Unlike 95 % online offers, you’ve been transparent about the costs; many purposely don’t mention upsells in the initial sales pitch and would have lured people to think the only payment is $27,00 USD. You’ve made it clear what the total costs will be and even stated what advertising can add up to. Your topics and strategy is inspiring and I can see myself enjoying taking action and really making money on internet for the first time. There is much more to say and I invite others to watch your video and not spend a dime till Sunday 11th 2015 enrollment at 6:00 am EST (12:00 pm Amsterdam time).

    • Cristian

      Hey Greg,

      Nice review of your new product. I really liked your openness in revealing all the OTOs with all the options.

      Looking forward to learn more.

    • Rico

      Great review of the product. I am really looking forward to finding out more when it’s finally launched.

    • Casey

      It’s nice to hear you’re finally able to read books to your daughter. Great review too!

    • Desmond

      Hoping this is good for someone with no FB presence whatsoever!
      Been following you for a while, Greg, you seem to be one of the
      good guys. Best of Luck with the launch!!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Desmond, yeah you dont need a following at all because you will be creating a new FB page 🙂 And you will THEN get your following

        • Ara

          Thank you for answering people’s queries 🙂 Cleared out some of my questions as well. Sounds like an awesome course, by the way!

    • Jan Shewan

      Thank you Greg, Love your training.
      Happy evening story time to you.

    • Char

      This looks very interesting. Curious to see what you’ve been working on.

    • Felix

      Greg, I know this product will be like your previous bestsellers I have. Congrats and I wish you a successful launch.

    • Bev

      Hi Greg – I love your video reviews – they reveal so much more than a written sales page! As a newcomer to social marketing I would love to receive a copy of your course because I can see that it will shorten my learning curve in this important area. Great to hear that you are now retired from the J.O.B. and enjoying the “Work From Home” life. Your daughter is a lucky little girl.

    • sandy

      congrats!! it sounds quite exciting! i look forward to leaning more about it! 🙂

    • Stacey

      This looks great! Can’t wait to find out more. I will be waiting.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Congratulations on winning!
        Please send me your email address via facebook PM or email and I will set up access 🙂

    • Thomas

      Hey Greg!

      I am looking forward to promoting this to my list! I know it will be quality BC most of your products over deliver! I saw the sales page ha-ha made me want to buy, great stuff mate! You’re going to kill it ;). Cheerio!

    • Sherwood

      Hey this sounds like a winner for sure… Hope it comes through

    • John

      Hi Greg,

      This looks really interesting. Great job on presenting all the features of the course. I’ll be here Sunday for the launch.


    • Andrew

      Your trainings are always solid, I’m looking forward to this one!

    • Nigel

      Hi Greg,

      If your new product is as good as the previous ones (I have purchased 3 to date and they are all extremely useful)then I am sure it will be a great success. Congratulations

      Nigel Taylor

    • russ

      Always interested in driving more traffic to my seasonal site.

    • Tim

      Looks very intriguing Greg. You and Steven are the real deal, so I might have to check this out.

    • Neil

      It looks ok

    • Robert


      Looks like a great product. Will have to purchase or win and delve into it.


    • sue

      Sounds interesting. Can this be totally outsourced? i dont have time
      to keep up with fb.

    • Nate


    • adekola

      Looking forward to this training. Facebook is a gold place to get real traffic. Can’t wait to see if this will be a lot different and simple 4RM other product I have bought. Love you cos because they are simple. And I have a question can I use this fb traffic cos to drive quality traffic to a high ticket program like mobe / mttb? Thanks

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Adekola, thanks 🙂 You can, but you will have to get them onto your list first, because FB won’t allow to direct link to pages making huge money claims. We show how to build a list inside the course.
        To be 100% transparent, IM / MMO niche is not the best niche for this method. It is definitely possible to get great results in IM / MMO with this method, but I just want to be transparent that other niches are easier, because there are many more viral videos in other niches.

    • Mick

      As always, you deliver a huge value with every course you promote. Yes I will buy this one too. Thanks Greg

    • Rick H

      Looks interesting, I have been wanting to seriously get involved with ways to drive traffic to my offers, Thank you for this opportunity

    • Robert

      Ditto Joyce & Christian re your OTO transparency, Greg. It gets tiring having to find & review offers’ JV/Affiliate pages to see the total picture beforehand in order to go through the funnel with eyes wide open. And thanks for the vital, niche-selection tidbit about most of Facebook’s viral videos not being in IM/Make Money niches!

    • Morgan

      Hey Greg,
      Your social alchemy course looks amazing. I really enjoy all the content you share your subscribers. Any chance you having a free copy left for me?

      – Morgan

    • Ajay Pandey

      Hi Greg,
      I have been waiting for long to say a heartfelt – Thank You. You are one marketer who stands out in the crowd for the sheer value and simplicity you add to your courses. I’ve always been impressed by your products and I know this new launch on FB Ads – Social Traffic Alchemy is going to be no different. I am definitely looking forward to this great launch. You Rock!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Congratulations on winning!
        Please send me your email address via PM and I will set up access 🙂

        • Ajay Pandey

          Thanks a lot Greg! Sending you a mail right away. You made my day……Woo Hoo!!

    • Christine

      This system look superb, I can’t wait to see it in action personally. It’d be great to have a free copy as I’m pretty tight on budget right now.

    • Mike

      Hey Greg,
      Cannot wait to get this course. I have bought Adams utube courses, implemented them, my views increased as well as my cpa promotions. Also I enjoyed your ebooks and I like your teaching style. This course will be a big hit with you three joining forces.

    • Ron H

      This course is definitely for me. The sales page is well presented. I will get in
      as soon as it is released. I appreciate your pricing to make it attractive
      to many people, and your straightforward revealing of the price of the OTO’s. I am
      also looking forward to developing sales in niches other than IM/MMO.

    • Peter

      Hello Greg,

      Sounds like an awesome product. I have been interested in how to use FB more effectively. Looks like you have what I’ve been looking for!



    • Todd lloyd

      Looks like a f!ntastic offer Greg.

      I hope you have a prosperous launch.

    • Suzi

      you always make it sound so easy – but it never seems to be easy when i try it ..

      • Greg Kononenko

        IM in general is hard work (despite the promises of easy money by many in the industry). I’ve started and stopped for 8 years until I finally figured it out.

    • Ricky A

      Looking forward to trying his method out. It looks very promising.

      • Greg Kononenko

        For sure, that’s why you need Video Ads 🙂

    • Piotr

      Hi Greg, love this traffic! especially its budgetary constraints! I hope my t-shirts would be a blast using it!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Piotr, the shirts are PERFECT for this method!

    • Ron

      Looks like an awesome course. Looking forward to it.

    • cliff

      wow! looks a great course ,sitting at my computer watching the clock tick away for the launch time.may be the first time i can make a profit using facebook.

    • rick

      Sounds interesting, facebook ads have been increasing in cost so interested in ways to get cheaper ads.

      • Greg Kononenko

        For sure, that’s why you need Video Ads 🙂

    • Allan H

      Nice one Greg, look forward to implementing your technique ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • Stan

      WAM BAM BOOM! Holy cow Batman! What a great release JUST IN TIME for the Christmas selling season. Greg and Steve you did it again!

    • Dale

      Well, it looks like I’m going to finally have to dive in and learn Facebook. This sounds like a good opportunity to do so! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy…..

    • Jason

      Looking forward to the product being released. I commented to enter the contest. Whether I win or not I am still getting your course. Looking forward to working with you Greg.

    • Nora

      From your detailed review it looks like a very valuable course. It is so refreshing and professional to be be upfront about the upsells. It reflects a real customer focus and this honesty inspires trust. I come from Sydney, which appears to be your part of the world as well, and find that webinars tend be held at very work and sleep unfriendly times over here. This means that the coaching program might be difficult to accommodate. Anyway looking forward to checking out the course when it goes live.

    • Martha Guzman

      I’m very excited for this launch, most courses are so vague, this sounds like an entirely new method and thoroughly explained! Brilliant

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hi everyone, the entries are now closed. I am drawing the winners. Thanks and good luck!

    • Mike

      Hi Greg

      Thank you for doing another great review, however still here is something confusing about this technique, Apparently all the results are shared on their sales page is from niches other than IM niche.

      I would love to use Facebook ads for sending leads to a IM related lead magnet that I have set up. My goal is to convert those leads into prospects after giving away some profound value through my step by step lead magnet. It’s been so long I have been looking for a solution to build an automated sales funnel fueled by Facebook ads.

      So, my question is, for the purpose that I have, Do you recommend me to buy this course? Does it work for IM niche?

      Thank you in advance

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