Welcome! I have been thinking about a cool, useful thing that I can share with you. On the way back home from work today, I got this idea. I want to try something new, and I want to invite you to follow along with me, so you can copy what I do. Or you can wait till it’s all done and just watch, it’s all good by me ūüôā

Do you want to follow along, learn and share along the way? If so, the challenge has been set: How To Get 500 Viral Subscribers in 30 Days or Less. It starts today, the 14th of July 2015 and will conclude on the 14th of August 2015, or earlier if I get 500 subscribers before then.

We’re gonna do it LIVE. Raw and uncut. It’s not gonna be perfect. There will be errors and honestly I don’t know if I’m going to succeed or not. I sure will try super hard to achieve this goal though and I think we can do it. So you can follow along, ask me questions, copy what I do, and hopefully we’ll learn a ton along the way.

1. What Are We Trying to Do?

I will be looking to add extra 500 subscribers to my list using “viral methods”. I¬†am not going to pay for traffic, at least not initially. I will try to do it using free traffic from Facebook, and if that fails, I may look to spend a few bucks on buying some traffic.

Once those subscribers join my list, I will put them through a 2-email auto responder follow up. After that, they will go to my “subscriber pool” and I will offer them a combination of my tips and advice, as well as sending them affiliate promotions.

2. How Exactly Will This Work?

The PLAN is as follows:

The GOAL¬†will be to capture the subscribers’ email address in exchange for a gift.¬†For the gift, I will set up a 3-level giveaway offer. I will use my collection of 50 squeeze pages.

Giveaway Level 1: If someone comes to my giveaway page, they will be able to download 5 squeeze pages free, without needing to do anything.

Giveaway Level 2: They will see an offer to get 25 squeeze page (instead of just 5) if they hit the Facebook “Share” button. This will hopefully bring more traffic to the page.

Giveaway Level 3: After hitting “Share”, my¬†Content Locking software will expose the hidden area which will contain the link to download 25 squeeze pages, as well as an additional area with an opt-in box. Above the opt-in box, I will offer full 50 squeeze page with PLR rights if they also leave their email address. The 50 squeeze page pack download link be emailed to the subscriber when they opt-in.

I hope that once I bring some initial¬†traffic to the page, they will be motivated to hit “Share”. When they hit “Share”, I hope that for every visitor there will be at least one more of their Facebook friends who will be interested in the same offer, and will come to grab the squeeze pages.

That way I am hoping to create a perpetual list of people wanting to grab the squeeze pages, and may of them opting into my list.

3. What Have I Done So Far?

Update 14th July 2015:

As of now, here is what I have done.

— I have created 3 packages. One with 5 squeeze pages, one with 25 and one with 50. The one with 50 also contains the PLR rights licence

— I have created 2 follow up emails. One welcoming the subscriber and one giving them yet another gift, to build the relationship

— I have created the¬†download page, onto which the subscriber will land after they opt in for the 50 squeeze pages. You can see the download page here.

— I have started (but not yet finished) the actual landing page.¬†I will drive all traffic to this page. You can see the landing¬†here.

That’s it for the update for the 14th.

4. Are You Going To Follow Along?

Are you going to join in? I think if we do this together, we can all learn something from each other, and hopefully build bigger lists.

Here is what to do:

Step 1:¬†Scroll to the bottom, and leave me a comment using Facebook Comments, or scroll below them and leave me a comment using the standard Comments section.¬†Make sure you tick the “Notify Me Of Follow Up Comments By Email” tick box, because this is how you will be notified when I make an update to this thread.

Step 2: Start¬†with the same steps I’m following above.

I would recommend that you come up with your own 3-level giveaway. Perhaps a graphics pack with PLR rights which you can size into small, medium and large packages. Or an e-book or course, which you can slash into logical chunks. You can also buy 3 software programs with PLR rights from a place like Master Resale Rights.

5. Comments? Questions?

I would love to know what you guys think.

Is this useful? Would you like me to do more of these? Are you joining in? Would you like to know more about this technique?

As you know, I LOVE hearing from you, so look forward to speaking to you soon!


    18 replies to "Live Case Study: 30 Days To 500 Viral Subscribers"

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey guys, I am hanging here on the blog and waiting for you to join ūüôā

    • Najja

      This is a pretty cool technique. I look forward to seeing the results.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Thanks Najja! Look forward to working on this together.

    • Hi Greg, I like the 3-level giveaway strategy, interested on how well it works. Are you doing any click-banking on your download page? If I can find time to put this together, I will def join in!

      Ed G

    • Lewin

      I am onboard

      • Greg Kononenko

        Awesome, look forward to chatting to you throughout the experiment Lewin

    • Celia Gail Stuart

      This is a great idea Greg! I would like to follow along and pick up some tips – not sure yet which niche to use…….

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Celia, good to see you again! Keep us posted with any questions / comments

    • Tetty Malau

      Yes, I would like you to continue this and I am in, following every step you make. Let’s see if we succeed or not. I am thinking of giving either ebook or graphic packs. After that being decided, I will continue with the follow up emails and download page. Looking forward to the next update!

    • Bob

      Great idea Greg and you can count me in.

      Been struggling with my list for ages so needed
      something like this to keep me motivated.

      Will come up with my 3 step giveaway and wait
      for the next instalment.


    • Abdulla

      Awesome, Looking forward to the other updates

    • Bob

      I love case studies like this. Good luck Greg and I’ll be looking forward to the results.

    • Michael

      This one looks to be a real cool way to build a list. I will follow along and see what happens.

    • Oowen

      Great idea.I’m definitely in and will be following along.
      I have to think of what niche to go into and what the lead magnet is to be.

    • Greg Kononenko

      Thanks everyone who’s following so far! I will be making updates on the weekend!

      • Owen

        I wonder how many of your followers actually know how to set this up for themselves. I think that is one of the challenges of this business. The theory is fine but in practice people(including me) get stuck. Then it’s left and eventually it never gets done.

        I think you have the makings of a product launch on JV Zoo if you can pull it off and truth be told it can work.

        I thought of what I can do in theory but in practice, just confused with the tech stuff to make it happen.

        Good luck.

    • Adrian

      Hi Greg, Good luck with the plan ahead. I will be following with interest !!!

    • Alaa

      Thanks man
      I am tuning ūüėÄ

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