If you are a DIY lover, it’s easy to focus on the money you get to save by not hiring handyman services. Indeed, DIY is not entirely a bad idea, but sometimes, it is necessary to leave complex home repairs for professionals. Doing that can save you from costly repairs you would have wished to avoid had you used a professional. This is also important, considering that 70% of DIY accidents in Australia originated from hand-powered tools. Even better, leaving home repairs to an expert can save your home and prevent injuries. Below are a few things you should leave to the experts.


Unless you are a building and construction expert, it may be impossible to tell which walls are load-bearing and need not be touched. Additionally, some walls are purposely built to hide plumbing or electrical wiring. Indeed, all walls are different, so when you knock down the wrong one, you could be causing unimaginable damage to your property. Ripping walls is not as easy as it seems on renovation shows on TV. There is a science to it, and unless you have an appreciable background in it, you could be setting yourself up to pay more for avoidable damage.

Therefore, when the need arises to renovate or conduct some home repairs, it would be advisable to seek advice from a building engineer. Meanwhile, if it is an internal wall you want to knock down, the laws require that you seek a building permit from the local authority. By seeking the permit, you would avoid flouting Australian building and removal laws.

Faulty electrical wiring

An estimated number of twenty people are reported to be electrocuted at home annually. This happens at home most often, suggesting that households tend to carry out electrical repairs without consulting a licensed electrician. Apart from the increased risk of electrocution, there is the issue of causing an electrical fire to your property.
Indeed, the chances of things going downhill so quickly without a professional are high. Therefore, you are better off calling the experts and paying a commensurate fee than attending to avoidable damage.

Leaky roofing

The roofing is your home’s first line of defence against the weather’s vagaries. However, sometimes, the roof becomes a repair work subject due to poor installation or natural disaster. According to Australian news reports, most injuries sustained by DIYers are predominantly from falling from heights. Secondly, males aged forty-five and above are the most common group who get hurt the most.

The reports alone indicate the enormous risks associated with conducting home repairs from heights. However, because roofing professionals have the training to carry out these repairs safely, it significantly minimises the risk of accidental falls. Moreover, they have the right equipment that provides extra protection when they’re perched on the roof.

A defective landscaping

A poorly done landscaping can cause more damage than you could ever imagine. For example, a landscape without a slope can cause rainwater to collect around the foundation of your property. If allowed to persist without immediate solutions, it can cause dampness within the walls. Landscaping is an art and science. Therefore, both complement each other to create the beauty you love to see around your home.

Undoubtedly, you have a responsibility to pay these professionals for their services. However, their fees are nothing compared to what you might spend if you carried out repairs which damaged your house.