A business reputation is a delicate balancing act. Without the right credentials, no one will invest in your company or choose you as a partner. However, make one false move and that’s it, you’re done forever. Even the great Warren Buffett agrees.

As a boss, it’s your job to ensure that everyone in the industry views the company with rose-tinted glasses. Of course, this is easier than it sounds because there are hurdles at every turn.

To protect the business and its reputation, it’s essential that you and your employees avoid the common reputation-busters. Here is a selection to keep in mind.

Twitter Fingers

Social media such as Twitter are a vital part of a modern marketing strategy. Thanks to these tools, it’s possible to interact and communicate with customers effectively. On the flip side, an insensitive remark may go viral and leave the firm with egg on its face. What seems like friendly, harmless banter to you is a potential bigoted and nasty comment to others. Never shy away from being witty or unique online, but always double check your posts before going live. Also, ensure employees understand the corporate guidelines, even with their personal accounts as they reflect on the firm.

Data Leakage

Information isn’t a liquid, so it’s hard to imagine it seeping out of the server and into the public sphere, yet it happens. In fact, numerous corporations have fallen foul of mishandling data in the not-too-distant-past and paid the price. Facebook and Uber are two major examples. A leak proves to your customers that you can’t be trusted to handle their sensitive info and will force them to bounce. As attitudes towards stats change, businesses need to tighten up their security plan. For example, you may need to ban bringing devices into work unless they fit certain criteria.

Trip And Fall

People walk in and out of the office on a daily basis, but it only takes one slip to ruin a reputation. If a valued client has to call a personal injury attorney after a visit, they aren’t going to be best pleased. The odds are they will cut all ties and spread the word around the industry not to work with you. Even worse, an employee can make it seem as if your workplace is a dangerous place and quality candidates may shun the company. Excellent signage and policies are two fantastic methods which should keep everyone safe.


And not only to meetings or scheduled get-togethers: missed deadlines are problematic too. For starters, people rely on you to deliver because they have time restraints to consider too. Once you start being tardy, then it impacts their reputation also. Secondly, lateness shows them that you don’t value their time or their custom. Otherwise, you wouldn’t renege on a promise. The key is to be liberal you’re your commitments. If you can’t turn a project around in a day, then don’t say you can.

Don’t people prefer the truth than to be lied to?