Many of us have big dreams of starting our own business, and in our modern and tech heavy world, there are more opportunities than ever before. Not all businesses are eco-friendly, yet fortunately things are improving by the day. Perhaps you haven’t got your biz idea all figured out yet. If not, consider these five green ideas for earth-friendly professionals.

1 . Eco apps

According to Fueled, ‘the top 200 apps generate on average $82,500 daily.’ Perhaps you’ve always wanted to develop your own app, but haven’t sussed out which kind of application? How about an eco-app, that helps users to live a greener lifestyle? There are several different eco-apps already out there to draw inspiration from. One example is, ‘Too Good To Go’. This app helps cafes and restaurants to sell any food they have left over at the end of the day. Ecosia, is an app which allows users to perform internet searches. The app uses some of its profits to plant trees around the world.

2. Green publications

Do you have a real talent for writing? Are you constantly blogging about saving the earth? Why not start your own green publication dedicated to environmental issues. With the power of the web, social media and a few SEO tips, it’s easy to widen your reach. You could start off by placing ads and affiliate links on your site, and build up from here. To find inspiration, take a look at eco-zine publications such as Earth Issue, It’s Freezing In LA, and Hot Hot Hot.

3. Upcycled retail

One of the key aims of green-living is to live a zero-waste lifestyle. To achieve this, upcycling is where it’s at. It’s essentially the process of taking old items and using them to make brand new creations. If you’re a creative type, you might like the idea of using old ‘junk’ to make new retail products. Once you’ve perfected your items, you can start selling. To give yourself a few ideas take a look at the app Recyclart. Here you’ll find thousands of upcycling projects. In general, we should all be looking to recycle and upcycle as much as possible. Whether it’s finally calling that junk car removal service, disposing of your e-waste, or simply clearing out your wardrobe.

4. Earth-friendly handmade products

There is a huge market for those who make and sell natural and eco friendly products. It could be green-cleaners, eco-cosmetics, sustainable soft-furnishings, or jewellery. You don’t necessarily have to be creative to pursue an endeavor like this. Some of the best selling natural skin care products are made with just one or two ingredients. When it comes to skin care, people want natural, eco-friendly and sustainable.

5. Green events planning

Events are big business and yet many of them do not adhere to eco-friendly practices. For this reason, we need more green events planners. Sustainable planning is about working with companies to come up with earth-friendly solutions for events. Whether it’s eco-friendly venues or materials, green events management is what many businesses need.