Companies are continually trying to push down their costs and improve their incomes. The difference is their profit – the reason why you put so much effort into your enterprise in the first place.

Creating a healthy margin, however, can be a challenge. And it’s not always for the reasons you think.

A lot of companies think that demand will be the sticking point. They worry that customers won’t find them or buy their products. But mostly, the problems are on the cost side of the equation. Customers are willing to pay, it’s just the price of providing services is too high.

In this post, we take a look at some of the smart ways companies can get their costs down. Check them out below:

Hack #1: Audit Your Supply Chain

When it comes to cutting your costs, your supply chain is often one of the best places to look. When companies first start out, they usually prioritize availability over price. In other words, they look for convenient vendors instead of those offering the lowest cost.

Over time, though, it can become evident that the prices you’re paying are simply too high. You’d love to maintain your relationships with your existing suppliers, but they’re offering the wrong business model for you.

In these situations, start looking further afield for options. Ask yourself whether international suppliers would be able to save you money without harming the quality of your product. You’ll often find vendors willing to supply to you at higher volumes and lower per-unit costs.

Hack #2: Audit Your Expenses

Sometimes, you can save money through a simple accounting exercise. As sites like explain, you can often reduce your tax bill by changing how you depreciate your assets. Simply shifting depreciation expenses forward in time can cut your corporate liability and leave you with more money for investment.

Hack #3: Put Your Business On The Cloud

If you’re still using old-fashioned, in-house computer systems, you’re missing a trick. It turns out that cloud-based IT networking models are considerably cheaper and usually more reliable, at least according to With them, you can avoid having to hire a team of IT professionals. And you can make your computer costs more predictable by signing up for regular service subscriptions.

Hack #4: Invest In Telecommuting

Be honest with yourself: do you really need an office in the middle of town? Or could you save money with telecommuting?

If you run a knowledge-based business, the answer is probably “yes.” Thanks to modern computer equipment and communications systems, it’s easier than ever to work over the internet and avoid the expense of a physical office.

The cloud makes this process even easier. You just provide online account access to your colleagues and then they can use all your productivity tools from their devices.

Hack #5: Hire Smart But Inexperienced People

Lastly, you might try saving money by hiring smart people who don’t have a lot of experience in your industry. Your productivity will initially take a hit. But eventually, it’ll rocket.