There is no doubt that eCom is hot right now, and it works very well. I have personally had many $100+ days with my eCom store in a very short time. But there is now a new, much better way of doing eCom. As you know, traditionally there are many barriers to entry – things like paid traffic, building a Shopify store or making your own site, buying domains, running FB ads or Bing ads, building squeeze pages, SEO, not to mention all the technical set up headaches.

But what if you could get free traffic from the biggest buyer search engine site on the planet? There is a site where tens of millions of people go to buy things every single day. They search for items they need and then they buy those items.

So today I have found something that allows you to place your OWN product right in front of those millions of buyers. It’s Amazon. And it makes sense to use this method, because it works without paying for traffic, without building your Shopify or Woocommerce store, without doing any SEO and it works with zero technical expertise. And it delivers results like these:


Watch this video to see how eCom Edge can help you set up your business that has potential to deliver results like these:

Click here on Dec 2nd at 11am US EST for Early Bird Discount + Bonuses

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Click here on Dec 2nd at 11am US EST for Early Bird Discount + Bonuses

eCom Edge Overview ($27 Earlybird, going up after that)

This is an eCom system with a difference. It doesn’t involve Shopify or WordPress sites. You also don’t need to buy traffic at all.

The unique approach is that instead of buying traffic, you go to where the traffic already exists, and that is Amazon. It’s full of buyers. People go to to buy stuff. And they search for it, and buy it. So it makes total sense to place your product right in front of their eyes so they buy YOUR product instead.

The course has 35 video modules that show everything in extreme detail. You will be able to find products which are ALREADY in demand, and then order them from suppliers who will put YOUR logo and brand on them. You can then send those products to Amazon, who will do the fulfilment (you don’t have to deal with orders or shipping).

Your job is to find a niche or product which is in demand (shown in the guide, fairly easy to do). Then you get it over to Amazon (you will learn this too). Then you set up your listing and rank your product (also in the guide).

Everything after that happens automatically, because you don’t have to fulfil anything – Amazon themselves do it.

Upgrade 1: ($97)

You don’t need this upgrade to make the course worth it. The upgrade does contain some very useful stuff, but I would say you don’t really need it, because the main course is so amazingly full of detail and so actionable.

But anyway, if you are considering it, here is what is inside:

1) Product query spreadsheet (includes hundreds of products in different niches that we believe will be successful products)

2) AMZ Kit license – this is a high-quality software that will:
– Track rankings of keywords for your products (or competitor’s)
– Create a ‘super URL’ to make Amazon think that someone searched for your product, clicked on it, and purchased it (helps rankings)

3) Amazon Interviews (interviews with successful Amazon sellers)

Upgrade 2: ($197 One Time or 2 Payments of $127 Each)

This is a very cool offer. Again, my opinion is you DON’T need it. If you have a bit of time, you can set up this system based on just the main product alone.

Upgrade 2 is a done for you type deal, which can save you a ton of time if you’re busy or just feel like getting help. Here is what’s inside:

1) They will select the product for you using our criteria in a niche that you are interested in

2) Product selection service, where they will select the products for you from the suppliers

3) 50 product reviews for your first product, which means you will get instantly high rankings and sales when you list your first product

Click here on Dec 2nd at 11am US EST for Early Bird Discount + Bonuses


If you pick this up through my link, you will get access to these great bonuses (delivered straight into your membership area):

Bonus #1 – My previous WSO Penny Traffic Cash Surge – drive cheap traffic for pennies.


Bonus #2 – The vendor Bonus Pack.


How to Get My Bonus: after you purchase, login to your JVZoo account, and look under “Affiliate Bonus” in the download area. If you are having troubles, just email me back.

How to Get the Vendor Bonuses: after you purchase, login to your membership area, and you will find the vendor bonus there.

Click here on Dec 2nd at 11am US EST for Early Bird Discount + Bonuses

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    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey guys, I’m here if you have any questions 🙂

      • Laurence

        Looks interesting. What kind of cost can we expect with an average set up after purchasing the training?

        • Greg Kononenko

          Hey Laurence, thanks for your comment, I’ve asked the vendors and will put the answer here when I get the reply. I don’t imagine it being huge, it would just involve getting a few items of the initial product in stock, and then you can use the profits to reinvest.

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