When you’re first starting out online, it’s very important to bring the cashflow in as quickly as you can. Especially if you currently have zero regular revenue. That’s why so many people turn to Fiverr, because it promises quick income. But personally, I’ve always hated Fiverr because I hated the idea of wasting your time and getting paid $5 for it.

However, it turns out there are now ways of making high margins on Fiverr in semi-automated fashion. And I was very surprised to learn exactly what Huw does to make as much as $60-80 an hour on Fiverr.

All it needs is a bit of clever thinking, and Huw definitely has plenty of that.

Watch my review to find out exactly how it works:

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Click Here at 9am US EST Thursday the 17th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Main Modules Review $12.95 ($17 after Early Bird)

Typically I don’t review Fiverr products. Usually because they are either low quality by people who don’t even do the methods themselves, or because I don’t see how selling your time for tiny $5 can benefit anyone trying to achieve a better lifestyle.

This course is completely different and that’s why I’ve made an exception.

Here is what’s inside the course:

  • 2 (Two) Done For You gigs: One that makes about $50 for 30 mins of works and the second one which makes up to $65 for 10 minutes of work
  • Step by step instructions showing how to start from zero, list these gigs and make sales
  • No theoretical rubbish, just pure actionable content
  • End to end overview: account setup, listing these gigs, delivering these gigs, communication with buyers

Huw Hughes is the real deal. He’s delivered over 10,000 gigs himself, all attracting high profit margins.

Additionally, he’s coached multiple people to become full time Fiverr entrepreneurs.

Best of all, the course is only $12.95 and I rarely see such high quality courses at such a tiny price.

Upgrade 1 – 2 Case Studies – $17

Inside these case studies the guys are going to show you exactly how they’ve profited from 2 more gigs from the very start to the very finish.

Upgrade 2 – 50 Done For You gigs – $27

50 more gigs which have been profitable for Art and Huw themselves. This was you can list more gigs and make more revenue quicker.

Upgrade 3 – Mastermind Access – $47

You can get access to the Mastermind group where you can ask questions and get direct 1-1 access to the authors of the course, as well as mastermind with other successful members (many of them have become successful on Fiverr because of Huw’s methods)

Click Here at 9am US EST Thursday the 17th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

My Bonus

I have provided you with my own Custom-Made Bonus:

Bonus 1: Speed up your Gig Delivery

This is going to help you with the first Done For You gig in this course.

I am going to provide you with a collection of material that will help you deliver that gig in a super-quick fashion.

Sorry to be mysterious, but if I give away what the gig is about then it will be unfair to the authors and those who decide to pick up the course (the niche is a very well guarded secret).

How To Get The Bonus: Go inside the Warrior Plus member area and check the “Affiliate Bonus” box.

Click Here at 9am US EST Thursday the 17th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

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    7 replies to "$60/Hour With Simple Tasks"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I’m here if you guys have any questions 🙂

    • Csaba

      Hi Greg, two questions:

      1) do I have to spend additional money to get the buyers and set myself up to do this?
      2) do I have to speak/write good English to do this, or it’s not related to language?

      • Csaba

        …and one more: won’t this wso sale create high competition circumstances devaluing the whole method, because of too many people jumping on the same thing?

      • Greg

        Hi Csaba

        Thanks for your comment. No, you don’t have to spend extra money to get traffic or set up the gigs.

        With the 2nd gig, you don’t have to speak English. With the 1st one, yes it helps if you have good English.

        • Greg

          Hi again

          I wouldn’t worry about over saturation.

          This method hasn’t sold 10,000 copies, in fact it’s sold around 200 so far. But only
          1-2% of people will try and implement it. So you will only have 2-3 other people competing. And for a huge marketplace like Fiverr that’s not noticeable at all (it has 100,000 or more gigs and millions of daily visitors).


          • Csaba

            Thanks for the fast answer Greg.


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