When it comes to marketing your business, you want a marketing strategy that will work. Most marketing strategies in 2022 are based on the 7 p’s of marketing. Which includes things like product, profile etc. These are all extremely important when it comes to building a functional website which can attract customers to your business.

If you operate a dental website, however, the 7 Ps need to change slightly. And will form a patient attraction system which will, as the name suggests, get people to look through your surgery page. And to choose you for their general or cosmetic dental care.

In the following article, the 7 p’s of dental marketing are explored briefly. So you can see how they could be used to help you gain and retain new dental patients.


First off is the profile, the look and the feel of the brand. Which needs to be advertised to your target audience. This is also a very important area to get to right, as it will encourage those who visit your website to stay on the page for more than 5 seconds. You don’t want them clicking off!


You need to show your team on your surgery website. Which will involve taking photographs and involving a bit about them, such as their medical training. You need to all appear professional and approachable. Most of all, you need to look happy!


In a similar vein, you will need to have photographs taken of your surgery (both the interior and the exterior) and any specialised equipment that you may have. You also need to showcase luxury and comfort. So that people feel relaxed about contacting your surgery to undertake dental treatment.


If you offer cosmetic dental treatment, it can be tougher to hammer down prices. Nevertheless, there should be a prices or fees guide on your website. As well as any information pertaining to financing options that you and your team can offer.


Patients have expectations when they attend dental surgeries and customer service has to be prioritised along with brand standards. They need to know what to expect and this can be achieved via videos or photography. These can explain what each patient can expect when they undertake a certain treatment such as implants or veneers. And of course, your team has to stick to your promises!


The infamous before and after photos are an important part of any dental website when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. As your patients will want to know the standard that they can expect if they choose your team to undertake the cosmetic dental needs. And of course, it allows you the opportunity to showcase what your team is capable of. You can even include case studies and video testimonials if you wish to.


And finally, if your team is able to offer specialised treatment, you need to showcase this on your site. Personalising treatments can help patients to feel more at ease with their dental surgery. And it will make your surgery team an invaluable part of any cosmetic or dental treatment that a patient wishes to undertake.