Anyone knows that tackling admin is crucial for success. After all, everything from customer interactions to accounts falls into this category. And, if you don’t take care of those, you’re sure to stumble into trouble before you know.

In the early days, then, there’s every chance you spent a significant amount of time on this aspect. After all, your primary focus back then was to attract investors and customers. You also likely spent time trying to estimate accounts. And, it worked. Or, at least, you’ve found some level of success from your efforts.


Sadly, there comes a stage where spending too long on admin could result in taking your eyes off the prize. After all, the time you spend here is time you can’t spend on things like actual production. And, the further your enterprise goes, the more this will become the case. Before you know, that aggravating admin could start to cost in lost efforts elsewhere.

If you think this is happening to you, it’s essential you get on top before it causes real problems. Lucky for you, we’re going to look at the three best ways to do just that.

Dedicate ‘admin’ time

When first starting out, we return to admin through the day. After all, long waiting times could lead to lost custom. So, we keep on top of emails at all times and return to accounts on the regular. The trouble is, that involves putting aside other work. And, that could lead to a lot of lost productivity over time. Instead, then, think about dedicating set times to the cause. Be strict with yourself and only check emails first thing and before you leave, for instance. That way, you still won’t keep clients waiting long. But, you free yourself up to focus on other things for the rest of the day.

Make email easy to manage

Most of the time we spend on emails is spent on junk. While inbuilt spam folders can help, trash mail still gets through. You don’t have time to worry about that during admin hour. So, turn to managed IT services like those offered by IntelligIS. Such services can filter spam emails in a more efficient manner. And, that can ensure you only read emails which are worth your time.

Outsource your accounting

When it comes to accounting, the issue of time is complicated. The more money you make, the more time accounting takes. Yet, success leaves you with less time to deal with this. What a headache. The only way around is to take accounting off your to-do list altogether by outsourcing. There are many fantastic accounting agencies which would take care of this for a small fee. While the expense may not be ideal, it’s sure to be a lot better than an accounting mistake made because you’re rushing. So, you could say this move is well worth your while. And, it’ll leave you to take care of actually making money, instead of just making a note of it.