Are you selling JVZoo products as an affiliate? If so, you’re probably missing out on a lot of money. Reason is that most marketers selling JVZoo products as affiliates are not building their list. So they drive traffic to the vendor, the customer pays, the affiliate gets the commission, and the vendor gets the remaining profit and the customer on their email list.

Does that seem fair? No. Because as an affiliate, you worked super hard to get that traffic to the vendor. And if the vendor is getting the lead on their email list, so should you. However, 90% of JVZoo affiliates are not doing that. They don’t get the lead added to their autoresponder.

Why should you be building a list? Well, a huge reason that people decide to release software and courses is to build their buyers list. Because when you have a buyers list, you can send emails to them and recommend related products and make affiliate commissions that way.

So Today I am doing a review of Affiliate Trax, a software and training package that will help solve this issue. I hurt my back last night, so unfortunately I can’t record a video as I can’t stand up or sit up straight. So today’s review will be in text format.

What exactly is inside Affiliate Trax?

Affiliate Trax is a new product by Michael Thomas (Mike From Maine) and Brett Rutecky, two of the most reputable vendors and affiliates on JVZoo. Inside you will find:

  • Software which allows you to do two things:
    • Add leads automatically to your Mailchimp or Aweber autoresponder accounts when someone buys a JVZoo product through your affiliate link
    • Reporting on all of your JVZoo affiliate activity
  • Complete training which will show exactly how both Brett and Mike managed to build their businesses to over $200k a year in profits using affiliate marketing
  • 25 x Reseller Licences are included with the purchase of the Frontend product

How can it help you?

Here are the scenarios for when this product may be useful to you:

Scenario 1: You are selling products on JVZoo as an affiliate, and you drive non-email traffic

If you’ve been around internet marketing for more than a few days then I guarantee that you’ve heard how important an email list is. You’ll have heard the phrase a million times before the year is out; you know the one about money and lists?

Think about it this way. If you’re driving traffic to any JVZoo products, and if you sell 500 products as a JVZoo affiliate, and if your commission is $10 per product, then you’ve made $5,000 that month. That’s great.

But what you’re missing out on is that you could have added 500 emails to your “buyer” list. And that is worth somewhere between $1-$2 per month in additional potential revenue through future affiliate promotions via email.

So Affiliate Trax will allow you to automatically build an email list when someone buys a JVZoo product through your affiliate link.

Scenario 2: You want to start selling your own product

Affiliate Trax includes 25 Resell Licences with the purchase of the main Frontend product. That means that you can resell Affiliate Trax as your own product, keep 100% of the profits, and start building the buyers list.

Additionally, to resell the software, you don’t have to host the software, support the software, host the sales page, or anything like it. You just create a listing in JVZoo (full instructions given) and paste the button code into your account. Nothing else to do but send people to your link.

Scenario 3: You are not currently making any money with affiliate marketing, but would like to

If you have not yet started to make any money using affiliate marketing, then inside Affiliate Trax you will find training from Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine showing how they started from complete Zero and how they built their businesses. There are 28 modules of total training.


Mike and Brett are both very successful marketers and have achieved roughly the same amount of success. And while their business models may be similar, they differ enough to merit separate explanations. So both of them recorded videos to show their methods in detail. You will notice how good they are at explaining things simply. Mike is actually a former English teacher so no surprise there.

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Full Demo Video

Watch Brett’s full demo video to see exactly how it works:

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

Pricing ($27 during Early Bird)

The main front end product is $27 and this includes the main software, and all the training. You also get 25 licenses to sell the package and keep the profits. At a minimum proce of $19, you can make at least $225. The fact that you can sell the package is what pushes this over the limit into no-brainer territory.

OTO1 is $67 and and features UNLIMITED reseller rights

I don’t need to tell you the power of this. If you get it, you’ll buy this. Add Affiliate Trax to any funnel you want, to your autoresponder series, whatever you want. You can sell unlimited copies, and Mike and Brett will support the product for you. And yes, the buyer list will be yours if you link JVZoo to your autoresponder.

The only thing is, you have to sell it. No giving access away as a bonus. this is to keep the value of the product, so it benefits you as a seller.

OTO2 is $97 and is a reseller license for Link Master Software. This is another of Brett’s products that allows you to protect the traffic you send to affiliate offers by, among other things, blocking pop ups on sales pages that steal your list if they don’t buy.

This is not so much of a problem as most reputable vendors will cookie your subscribers for the funnel, but if they don’t buy anything, you still have given your lead to the vendor. But even if you don’t use the software, it is still unlimited reseller rights, so you’re paying $97 for a product you can sell. If you’re just starting out, I would stick to the Affiliate Trax reseller, as it’s completely done for you and the package will be easier to sell. To be honest, if you’re starting out, I’d save your money for OTO3, which will make you more in the long run.

OTO3 is $47 and is 4 weeks live training on how to build a review blog. Mike and Brett are experts at this and both make a very good income from review blogs so they are the perfect people to teach you how to build review blogs. You may have noticed that this is a review blog and I make a good portion of my income by reviewing products, so I know this works.

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My Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus 1: Reseller Rights to Mobile Optimize Pro Plugin

The MOP WordPress plugin is currently for sale for between $47 and $67. It allows you to convert your website into a mobile friendly format to avoid Google penalty.

You don’t just get the plugin, you also get FULL RESELLER RIGHTS to the plugin. This is big.

Exclusive Bonus 2: Perfect Traffic Method To Make JVZoo Affiliate Sales

To complement Affiliate Trax software, I will give you access to my course which allows you to drive lots of FREE YouTube traffic to make affiliate sales. Then you can use Affiliate Trax to build the buyers list.

Exclusive Bonus 3: Digital Vendor Training

I am also including a recording of a special 4-hour webinar that my partner Stephen and I did in December 2015. This will show you how you can get started in the digital sales niche, starting from nothing and build a 6-figure business.

Exclusive Bonus 4: My WSO Method Training

You will also get my WSO showing exactly how I personally got started on the Warrior Forum in 2014 selling $1 WSO’s and how I then grew this business to make over 6 figures since then.

How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the email from “JVZoo”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. 

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Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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