The concept of work and the work environment is rapidly changing, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. With today’s modern technologies, it is possible to work remotely from anywhere on the planet. Most businesses are using alternate office locations to improve productivity and streamline operations, with statistics revealing that about 26% of all U.S. employees work remotely. It can be boring and isolating working remotely from home sometimes. However, there are alternative spots you can explore whether you’re running a small business or are a freelancer. Read on to find out some of which option interests you.


Libraries are a fantastic alternative when you need to leave your home office. Their quiet environment, complemented by soft seats, informative resources, and relatively fast Wi-Fi, makes them an ideal place to focus and achieve your goals. Additionally, if you need to research a particular topic, the library will prove beneficial and make your work easier. However, remember that you can’t make phone calls or have discussions inside, but most libraries will let you book private conference rooms.


Working at a museum may seem contradictory, but most provide free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor workspace, and a calm environment. Aside from that, surrounding yourself with art may be inspiring for graphic design, copywriting, and other tasks. Before organizing your workday, call or scout the museum, as most have an admission charge and a few specific regulations.

Restaurants and coffee shops

Restaurants are a great option worth exploring, especially if you have a team meeting or need to meet clients. Fast food restaurants aren’t always the calmest locations to work, but they usually include free Wi-Fi and reasonably priced meals. You can also explore coffee shops, especially if you want a quiet, cozy corner to work in. You can occasionally people-watch or enjoy a hot coffee if you need a short break from work.

Coworking spaces

According to research, a co-working space has an advantage over home offices since they provide cooperation, connection, and the option to rent equipment. They offer drop-in and membership prices for remote employees looking for a place to work alone or meet with others. Coworking areas provide strong Wi-Fi internet and a conducive environment to work without many distractions. These locations are usually more expensive than other alternatives and have specific regulations. However, they are beneficial and sometimes provide you with a community of like-minded workers.

Executive suites

In certain regions, executive suites are also referred to as business centers. This option provides office space and common facilities such as a lounge, professional services, furniture, and a cafeteria. Executive office suites offer high-end office space choices customized to your specific requirements. They often offer more flexible renting terms than standard office spaces.
Remote working is a great opportunity to be productive while working in comfort. If you’re tired of working from home, you can explore the options above to find what works best without any long-term contracts.