Hey guys, what a crazy month it has been!

We’ve launched Snap Affiliate Profits on the 9th of August of and made over 3,500 sales, with dozens of you writing in with testimonials of awesome results. Feels great that our product has helped so many of you.

Additionally, as I was doing the free giveaway, I received over 50 comments from you, and so many of those comments said very nice things about my previous courses. It was very humbling to see that the products I have put out have actually helped so many of you.

So, because I haven’t had a chance to get to know many of you guys who have bought Snap Affiliate Profits, I wanted to host a little “Ask Me Anything” event right here on my blog.

How does Ask Me Anything work?

Well, basically you can drop me a comment below, on any topic you like, and I will get back to you with an answer.

It can also be a “Tell Me Anything” event as well, because I LOVE simply hearing from you, on any topic. We are all humans and I like a nice chat as much as I’m sure you do too 🙂

I also love helping you out as much as I can… Here are some ideas on the type of the things that I would love to know about, or you can ask me:

  • What type of training are you most interested in? (Quick and easy ways to earn extra money? Video Marketing? Affiliate Marketing? Pay per click? SEO? Blogging? Fiverr? etc…)
  • What kind of free content would you like me to record and post here on my blog? I LOVE helping and doing free training, but honestly sometimes I’m not sure what to record.
  • Is there any help you need with, right now?
  • If you bought Snap Affiliate Profits, were able to successfully download everything?
  • Do you need any technical help?
  • Which country are you from?
  • Anything else you would like to ask and share…

Please ask away…

That’s it, I’ll keep it short and sweet – please use the FB Comments or normal comments and talk to you soon 🙂

    19 replies to "Ask Me Anything August 2015"

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey guys, I’m hanging out near the comment box, waiting for your questions 🙂

    • Celia

      Hi Greg

      Do you use PLR for free giveaways – more specifically do you ever need to edit PDF files for that? If so, what program do you use please?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Celia

        These days I mainly use my own products, simply because I have so many of them and I like to make a good impression on my customers.

        But yeah when I first started, I always used PLR because in all honesty not a whole lot of people read the report they’ve just opted in for anyway.

        If your PLR report is in PDF, and you want to edit it, it’s best to try and find the source file in DOC format.

        If you can’t do it, then here is a tool that has a free trial which you can use to convert PDF to Word:


        I hope this helps!

        All the best

        • Celia

          Thanks very much Greg!

    • David

      How many of these Snap funnels have you made and how many do you recommend making to hit a tipping point of profitability? Making only 1 is a recipe for getting discouraged, but if I knew you had to make 10-20 before you found a niche that worked well, that might be helpful.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey David and everyone, sorry about the late replies! Today I was working a full day and also my mother in law is now here, so been a bit hectic.

        I have started and tested many niches, right now I only have 2 funnels in 2 niches. By funnel I mean squeeze page + follow up series.

        I didn’t change the niche, I knew they would work, it was just a matter of finding good offers and good keywords in each of them.

        Niche choice is pretty easy…. Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Skin Problems, Dating, basically anything that has a desperate crowd with problems and needs.

        However, I have multiple Bing campaigns running to each funnel, with multiple keyword sets.

        I think that having one funnel is completely ok, you just need to keep tweaking the components of it:
        – Keywords, finding ones that convert
        – Squeeze page, tweaking it so you can get 20-25% optin rate
        – Offers in the funnel, finding ones that convert at more than 1% (1 sale from each 100 clicks)

        I hope this helps.

    • Tim Cronin

      Thanx for offering this.
      I’ll use this as a bit of a gripe forum.
      I bought the SNAP program and 1st upsell. Still have the page for the 2nd upsell open.
      From what i remember about the sales video pitch, it was about taking 20 minutes to set up CPA campaigns/ads on Bing.
      Well, being a novice and not technical, I can’t tell you how confusing the training got for me. One of the training video pages has an html zip file in the resources section which I still can’t figure out how to open no matter what 7 Zip app I tried, and I couldn’t find instructions to do it on YT either. On another video, you there’s talk about FTP. And just where does that code come from, and what was used to open it up with? I couldn’t figure that out. Then there was some other code on Notepad++. Once again, I was lost. At that point, I clicked out of the training. So goes for “simple” and “20 minutes” ! LOL
      So…..all I’d ask for right now is that the course be re-visited so this tech stuff is explained to non-technical people like myself in baby steps videos because right now I just don’t get it. Perhaps an overview of how all the pieces fit together, then the step-by-step instructions.
      Not holding you to it, and not threatening to refund, but thanx for offering. Just “technically” (LOL) frustrated and thought I’d let you know.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Tim, thanks for your note, and apologies for the late reply. Would you mind sending an email to support@snapaffiliateprofits.com?
        If you just give us the details of exactly on which video, at around what time (minutes/seconds) and with exactly what you need help, we will definitely help you out.
        It can be frustrating when you are brand new to this, I understand, believe me. It took me about 30 hours of work to set up just my first squeeze page.
        However, when we talk about 20 minutes in our method – that’s for direct linking. You get $50-$150 Ad credit, and you can simply direct link to an offer. This is completely doable within one day max for first timers, and second time it’ll take 20 minutes.

    • Olesya

      Hey Greg!

      I’ve been working on a website for a while… Hoping to get it ranked in the search engines so that I could sell ad space and make some money that way… Things were improving slowly as I was building back links, etc.

      Then suddenly I lost most of my organic traffic…

      I figured Google did something and now I’m confused on what I should be doing. Would it be best to quit and start a new site… Since Google doesn’t seem to like my sites at this point… Or should I continue working on it.

      I’d like your opinion on this…

      Thanks a lot Greg.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Olesya,

        I can relate to this, because personally I have also lost my sites to Google. At one stage I had 150 mini blogs ranked for “review” keywords. They were all gone one morning, all of them were deindexed.
        Then in a year or so I built up 200 eBay sites. And again, they were all deindexed within one day.
        That’s why it’s so important to build a list, because noone can take it away from you 🙂

    • Scott G

      What’s up Greg, what tool you are using to build a landing page from scratch and what tools are paid and free?

      Instead of hiring some high price developers how can I build that Landing pages and Thank you pages myself? What tools you use?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Scott, how’s it going? Yeah definitely you can get lots and lots of tools… It can get pretty crazy with the squeeze page tools haha 🙂


        Here is a template you can use: http://www.squeezepagecity.com/gift/index.php

        *** Paid ***

        My favourite one is Leadpages, but it’s a bit expensive. So easy to use though.
        If you are looking for one time payment, then something like OptimizePress is a good tool because it does a ton of other stuff as well as squeeze pages.


    • Edward Webber

      Hi Greg, Sorry to bother you, but I really need some help. I have got a Amazon program that I have loaded on to my WP site. It is an affiliate program we d/load on to the web site to sell Amazon product. What is the easiest way to get traffic to my website to try and get some sales.
      Another thing, I have sort of retired, but lost my only business and need to make some quick cash. I bought Snap Affiliate Profits which I think you were involved with but have not had a look yet. Is this just CPA Marketing .
      Many thanks, If you have any really easy program that I can Make $50 a day, I will be most grateful. I have plenty of time any am prepared to take Action.

      Edward Webber

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Edward, Snap Affiliate Profits is not really about CPA marketing, even though you can use it for CPA marketing. Inside we show a great powerful search engine (Bing) and how to get traffic from it. We then show how to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products – but yeah you can definitely send the traffic to a CPA campaign.
        Regarding the traffic for your Amazon products – well actually depending on what your visitor value per click is, you can use Bing to send that traffic to your site.
        You can get clicks for $0.05 – $0.10 per click with Bing.
        Don’t forget to capture everyone’s email addresses and place retargeting pixels so you can build a list and a custom audience so you can continue marketing to them.
        I’ve got a free article on retargeting here:

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hi everyone, thanks so much for your messages!

      I’m sorry for the delay in reply, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with questions that I also received by email, plus a hectic day on the personal front.

      I will address all questions tomorrow.

      Speak to you then, all the best!


    • Richard Prosser


      I would like to have some statistics about PPC costs, conversion rates, sales etc. for typical campaigns – such information is very rare, in my experience. IM people may give partial information of that kind but not the full picture.

      Thanks …

      PS My blog is a work in progress!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Richard, thanks so much for your question.

        The answer is really hard to give… It’s probably not what you will want to hear: “It depends”.

        A lot will depend on your traffic source, and on your funnel quality (squeeze page / sales page).

        For example, my typical solo ad funnel:

        – Buy 1,000 clicks @ $0.35
        – Optin rate of 40-55%
        – My funnel then produces 500-800 clicks which I sell at $0.45, getting most or all of my money back
        – I get the rest of the income from follow ups and broadcast

        For Bing:

        – Buy 1,000 clicks @ $0.10
        – Squeeze you can expect 10-20% conversion (generally lower than solos)
        – Your sales / monetization really depends on what you promote.

        Does this help you at least a little bit?

        • Richard Prosser

          That definitely helps – I didn’t realise that the conversion rates could be so high!

          For Bing, an you recommend an ‘optimum’ type of product/service to promote? Does that depend significantly on the price, for example? That information may be available in module 7 of your SAP course but I haven’t studied all of that yet 🙂



          • Greg Kononenko

            Just to clarify – the conversions I mentioned above are optin rates (not sales conversions).

            For Bing – there are so many niches that can be profitable. If you go for Wealth, Health or Relationships you cannot go wrong, they are ever green and in high demand.

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