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Hi everyone, welcome!

This is my brand spanking new blog –

I wanted to have a cool new way of connecting with all of my existing customers and friends, as well as a place to connect with new people.

So, one of the things that I’d like to start doing is this…

Every Sunday, I will be answering questions from anyone on any topic. Hopefully this is going to be useful and will help some people along the way.

So, without any further ado… Let’s start!

Got a Question? Post as a Comment Below!

Go ahead and leave your comment below, asking any question that’s on your mind.

I will get back to you at some point today.

Speak soon!


    11 replies to "Ask Me Anything: Sunday 29 March 2015"

    • Shane Burgoyne

      Hi Greg,

      This is a great idea and hope to make it my Sunday ritual.

      I have a question for you. I was wondering if you had to start an online business today from scratch with nothing in place knowing what you know now what would you do?

      I am thinking of looking at affiliate marketing and targeting launches and of course building a list.
      But I was curious on what direction you would take.



    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey Shane, great to see you here! Welcome to my new blog 🙂

      Great question – and the answer is I would have started building a list much earlier, and I would have got a product creation coach much earlier.

      Even though list building and product creation sound somewhat different – in my view they are both about building a list (one is a freebie list and one is a buyers list).

      When you have the list – you have the power to generate traffic with one email. And traffic is what most people struggle with. So if you no longer have that issue (through having a list) – you can have a very nice and comfortable living by engaging with your list and selling either your own products to them or via affiliate promotions / other monetization methods.

      I hope this helps – and let me know what other questions you have!


    • Sam Archer

      Hi Greg, this is awesome.
      A quick question for you. Obviously you use solo ads and click banking to build your list, how responsive is that list when you come to launch your own product?

    • Niladri Das

      Hi Greg!

      Nice to be a part in the discussions today! I am just starting with Internet Marketing and would like to know from your experience, what do you think is it too late for building a list or making a great success in Internet Marketing?

      I will be trying my best and already on verge of launching my first funnel series, but somehow I lose a little motivation thinking that it might be just too late for a start…


    • Andrey Ber

      Hi Greg!
      Where you born and what your story?

    • Bru Tiss

      This Q&A Sundays idea of yours is great, Greg. And so I have a question …

      My goal is to build a list outside of the IM/MMO niche, but it seems that solo ads are only really available in the IM/MMO and weight loss niches. Aside from having a blog, can you provide any tips how to build that list with paid traffic?


    • Taco Verhoef

      What is the most quickest and most cost effective way to build a list?

    • Grahame John Mundy

      Hello Greg Kononenko,
      I would like to build a list fast without having to buy traffic, can I get a list of affiliates that could promote my offer to their lists?
      Also what is the best freebie to offer to get sign ups when the offer is not purchased, software or e-book?

    • Michael C. Davies

      What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favorite actor?

    • Ramzi Abdalla

      i built a list of 700 from the best solo ad sellers on solo ad testimonials on facebook group. it all 700 of them convert like shit. never 1 sale when i send them an offer that is doing great on warrior plus. i usually send offers with 20%conversion rate with 1000s sold. can you explain that ??????

    • Taiwo Opajobi

      I am just starting out, all list building techniques I have studied looks a bit difficult. Can I get list to buy, how expensive are they and how will I be sure they are responsive? Are there internet marketers who do list building as a job for others?

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