Hi everyone and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

Today is a Sunday – so please feel free to ask me any question you like on mu blog.

This is my way of connecting with you and helping you.

Have a question? Please ask in comments below…

Speak soon 🙂


    6 replies to "Ask Me Anything: Sunday the 5th of March 2015"

    • Don Simpson

      Anything? OK how on earth do you use that free squeeze page template? Thank you for giving it away but I unzipped it and couldn’t understand the results. I downloaded Komposer and that became really confusing. I understand it’s powerful and also free but I felt it was way beyond me. So my real question; is there a simple way to get this moving? Apart from that Happy Easter; beautiful day in Perth yesterday but Easter Monday a bit of a no show. Cheers

    • Brian Gray

      Hey Greg, just wondering how long a list that you build using CB partners is “good” for. Meaning, it seems like those people would be on a ton of different lists and would get “burned out” faster. Do solo ad lists go stale sooner than targeted buyers lists? Or does it not really matter since a list will always have new subscribers joining? Thanks!

    • Budianda Tioanda

      Hi Greg, Budi here. Thanks for your help with my first product! I’m getting a few sales already!
      Anyway, how long do you take to finish a product? As in, what is your record time from product ideas until launch? It took ages for me!
      Happy Belated Easter from Singapore!

    • Joseph Pantano

      The most struggle I’m having with list building is trying to concentrate on which model to choose from. there was a great post recently which clearified and categorized three distinct ways to approach this.
      1. The churn and burn method – freebie seekers sell/buy solo ads
      2. Affiliate email list build a relationship and email daily for sales.
      3. Build a buyers list , norture build a following and create your brand and products.

      Greg how did you start?
      Which is the best?

    • Steven Meiracker

      Hi Greg, I have about $100 per week budget for traffic. If you were starting from scratch what would you do with $100 per week. How quickly could you expect to grow a list on this budget? Thanks. 🙂

    • Miro Minich

      Hi Greg. I follow your program and finally I put all the pieces together and started to do clicbanking so thanks for that. Do you also do ads aswap or just Click banking and Funnel clicks now? Also is there a way to find out if some of the solo sellers have some fresh leads in their list to increase opt in and not to have clicks just from people who ale tired of looking at various squeeze pages? Thanks.

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