Hi everyone! This section is dedicated to “Ask Me Anything”.

I love to connect with my customers and frends, and often there are burning questions that people would like to ask me, but don’t know how.

Well – here is the perfect opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other and of course for your questions to get answered.


Got a question? Don’t be shy and post below 🙂

Just comment below, ask me a question and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I know there is at least something you’d like to know??

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    • Taco Verhoef

      How do you like anime?

    • Alexander Swift

      hey Greg I’m wondering if funnel clicks still work with CPA. I can earn around $0.35 per click to my links and I’ve set up my funnel like you mentioned in the course…. With the price of $0.35 per click of funnel clicks do you think my funnel can profit? What are some of your experiences purchasing funnel clicks? You know, things like EPC you got with CPA offers and how many clicks you get from your subs after they have subscribed… And also I’ve set up my 30 day sequence just as you’ve said in the course. This is the first time I buy traffic so I’m still kind of worried….

    • Muyoung Kim

      Hi greg
      I am newbie at internetmarketing
      I have some new site for amazon affiliate and clickbank
      I read many seo article at forum and blogs
      What is the best seo?
      I did on page seo yet
      I want to know that help to increase my google ranking from linkbuilding
      Wiil I only purchase fiverr or another seo service
      Please let me know can do myself
      Thank you

    • Janet Burvill

      Hi, Greg. I am wondering whether I can set up a fan page for one of my sites that does not show who I am on my facebook page – is this possible? This would be for a lose weight site. Thanks for your help.

    • Loretta Thomason

      Hi Greg, I’m also new to Facebook and would like to know if an app and iFrame are needed for every Fan page that is created for optins and or engagement?

    • Miro Minich

      What would it take to have a look on my opt in page and get some feedback to improve conversion Greg? Thanks. M.

    • Gary Stenzel

      Hi Greg!
      Once the money starts rolling in regularly, is there any specific settings that should be changed in PayPal?
      I heard that PayPal might freeze your account to investigate. Must be a way to avoid that…
      Also, what is the correct way to say “The Crazy Cat” in spanish? (you said to ask anything. LOL)

    • Christian Lemke

      Do you got experience for the Herman market?

    • Sandy Halliday Biz

      Hey Greg, One way I’ve heard of to help get traffic to your blog is to update some old posts. Do you say in the post that you are adding new information or what’s the best way to do it?

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