If you are just getting into the marketing industry, you will see that the market is so vast these days that you feel as though you are a drop on the ocean of content available out there. Managing to grab the attention of your audience and keep them interested can be difficult, and you will spend months and years of your life trying to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the ways that you can grab the attention of your audience this year and make sure they remember you.

Surprise them

The easiest way to grab the attention of the public is to do something completely out of the ordinary. Think outside the box and play with shock value to get people talking about you and your brand and keep them wondering what you might do next. Something as simple as letting 100 balloons into the sky with your brand on it can be enough to get you some interest and get people wondering who you are.

Keep them guessing

If you love to make puzzles and make things difficult for your audience, creating a puzzle or string of puzzles can be a great way to generate interest in your brand. A fun thing to do would be to create a cipher code and post it onto a site such as reddit. This code can lead to the address of another code, and another and another, until finally they will stumble upon Your website and be able to use an exclusive offer. Something like this will get people talking and these things often go viral. It’s a great way to trick your audience and gain some new followers.

Tell a story

If you already use newsletter software at Postman, stop simply using it to show new products and give out offers. If you want to create fun content that your readers will enjoy, you need to think of something more fun to share. Tell a story to your readers on your newsletter and split it into parts, this way, by the time the second part of your story is sent out, your audience will already be waiting to read it. It can be a great way to form a connection with your readers and it will help you to bond.

Audience participation

Thinking of a new product range or idea to do for your business? Why not as the audience! If you are stuck between a few different ideas for a new range or a colour scheme etc… you can use your following to make a decision that you know your audience will like. Ask them through a poll on Twitter and see which one comes out on top. Making decisions this way will make your audience feel more involved with you and will also allow you to make things that your audience love.

Engage the senses

When marketing, an effective way to grab the attention of your audience is to use their senses. For example, you could send out a scratch and sniff perfume leaflet to your audience, you could send a small sample of chocolate, you can show images of neglected animals, or play some emotive music. All of these things will engage the brain and make your audience pay more attention to what you are doing.