Paid ads are too expensive, SEO takes forever and costs money as well. So what’s left?

Viral Social Traffic. Viral Traffic from Social Media websites is free and fast. It can bring you traffic in any niche. And when done correctly, it can give you results like this:


Today, a new software has launched and it can generate viral social traffic from over 10 social network platforms.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do a video review today, so please watch this demo video by Cyril, the software creator:

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Click Here to Lock in Earlybird Pricing and My Bonus


Here is an overview of the software and what it does.

It’s a web-based software which allows you to create viral images with quotes (similar to memes) and automatically share them with one click on over 10 Social Media sites like Facebook, Pinterest etc.

It works for Adsense sites, Affiliate and CPA marketers, eCom, list building, any model and in any niche.

We all know that quotes are hot. And many people, when they see a quote they really like, will share it with their friends. Take this pin from Pinterest for example:

Can you see how simple it is? Can you also see that it has had over 100,000 shares (pins) and over 16,000 “likes”? This is crazy. And how difficult do you think it was to create? Very simple. And it would have brought in over 100,000 clicks! I know from personal experience that you always get more clicks than “pins” count on Pinterest.

So that’s exactly where InstaViral software comes into play.

How does it work?

Here are the key functions:

  • Built-in Viral Image creator. This is a full-featured graphic editor allowing you to quickly create viral quote images
  • Built-in quote database with over 20,000 quotes in all niches
  • You simply search the database for your keyword, and the software produces the images for you
  • You can bulk-create dozens or hundreds of images
  • Share across 15 social media sites with just 1 click
  • 100’s of viral templates ready to modify
  • Scheduling is supported so you can just sdchedule your posts weeks in advance
  • Works in any niche and with any business model

Pricing = Elite version starts at $27

During the early bird period you will be able to get it at $27 on a yearly plan. So after 12 months, if you’re still using it, you will be charged $27 again.

This is great value for the amount of stuff that this software can do.

Click Here to Lock in Earlybird Pricing and My Bonus

My Bonuses

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Click Here to Lock in Earlybird Pricing and My Bonus

How To Get The Bonus

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Questions or Comments?

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