So you’re in debt. This is never a nice place to be, and you will feel angry and frustrated and upset and stressed and helpless, but this isn’t going to change anything, it’s only going to have a negative impact on you. It’s normal to feel all these things, but regretting a decision that you made leading up to this isn’t going to miraculously make everything better. If anything, it will make it worse because you’ll get more and more desperate to the point of no return, and then continue to make bad decisions because you no longer care what happens as you feel like you’ve already hit rock bottom like explains.

Well, it’s time to pick yourself up and sort your finances out. You have to do something about it. Realise what went wrong, and then do all you can within your power to make it better. – Wallowing in self-pity isn’t going to do that.

Here are your options.

Take out a final loan

If you have no more money left and are unable to pay off all the different things that you owe, then you may have to take out a final loan with A debt consolidation loan is essentially borrowing money, but to pay off all the outstanding fees that you owe in one go so they’re gone, and you never have to think about them again. Then all that’s required of you is to pay back the money that you borrowed in order to do that, which can be done bit by bit every month until it’s all be paid.

Get a higher paying job

If you have already spoken to your current boss about the possibility of getting a raise, and they have said no, then it may be time to think about finding another job with a company that pays better. It may be the same job role you have now, but with another firm, or you may decide to do a complete career change in order to earn as much as you possibly can. It really all depends on the circumstances and what they allow you to do. If you don’t have the choice to leave your current job, then you can always consider getting a second job on the weekends for a little extra money.

Talk to a financial advisor

If you’re still really stuck and don’t know what direction to go in that will benefit your situation, then get in touch with a financial advisor in your area. You will be able to sit down with them and speak freely. Tell them everything that’s happened with all the how’s and why’s, as well as allowing them to look at bank statements and receipts. Then they can give you their honest professional opinion on what you need to do that is best for you, as they understand that everyone is different and what works for one person in debt, may not work for another.