Most common problem for everyone doing Internet Marketing is getting traffic. These days free traffic is somewhat hard to get, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to paid traffic.

However if you don’t know the correct methods of getting paid traffic, you can easily end up losing more than you make. That’s why retargeting is so powerful, because it’s one of the best ways to get very targeted, highly converting traffic as cheap as $0.02 per click, in any niche.

In today’s episode I am talking about the Boomerang Method, which shows how Desmond has been building huge retargeting lists for free and making upwards of $495 a day with it.

Watch this video to see how even a complete newbie can build big retargeting lists for free:

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Click Here at 8am US EST on Tuesday the 26th of Jan To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Boomerang Method Review $7 (During Earlybird, Going Up After)

I am sure that by now you’ve heard of retargeting, and as you know it’s the easiest and cheapest way to drive traffic. I have been using retargeting myself for almost a year now and it gives me traffic in a variety of niches from $0.02 per click (compare to $0.30+ per click if I don’t use retargeting).

Just in case you’re not sure what retargeting is, in essence it’s a piece of code which you can load on any website. When any visitor comes to your website, that code is loaded, and your visitor gets “added” to your retargeting audience. That means you can grow a virtual retargeting list and then advertise to that list on Facebook and on other websites all over the web.

For example, you might have a page selling a guide for dog owners called “Puppy Toilet Training”. Let’s say you have interested people  visit you site, and you get 100 targeted hits. Something like 3-5 might buy your guide, but you’ve lost the other 95-97 people forever. You will never be able to market to them again… Unless you place a retargeting pixel on your site.

With that retargeting pixel, all of the 100 people will get added to your “Audience”. And that audience will be super-targeted, because they all had some interest in your guide. So if you run ads on Facebook and other places online to them, and you offer them a discount for your Puppy Training Guide, they will be very likely to click on your ad, and this will give you very cheap clicks.

Secondly, because they are proven to be interested in your guide, they will be extremely likely to convert into buyers, and the traffic you generate will not only be cheap but it will also be very targeted with high buyer intent. In short, it’s cheap buying traffic.

This kind of traffic is much cheaper and much more targeted than any paid Facebook traffic, or PPC or search engine traffic you might generate.

Up until now though the problem has been that to build your Retargeting Audience, you needed to get those initial visitors from somewhere. So traditionally you had to spend money to generate the traffic before you could retarget it.

But imagine if you could build a huge retargeting list for free? That’s exactly what is shown inside the Boomerang Method. Not only that, but also how to market to your lists and how to monetize that traffic. And that’s exactly how this kind of cost per conversion is possible:

boomerang method review

The products that are promoted with this method yield commissions of $20-$40, so the profit margins are pretty huge.

Here is exactly what is inside the members area:

  • High quality membership site
  • 8 High Definition training videos
  • Overview of the method
  • Choosing the right offer
  • Building a compliant landing page
  • Secret trick to actually get your retargeting pixel installed on other people’s websites for free
  • Set up of your ads
  • How to take care of your Facebook account
  • Increasing sales with squeeze pages
  • Email marketing (if you choose to build a list – but that’s optional)

I haven’t see this method talked about before. I think it is very powerful and just that little advice alone is worth much more than the $7 price tag.

You also get some decent training on Facebook ads and squeeze pages / email marketing. However, with my custom bonus you will get a ton more out of this course (see bonus details below).

Upgrade 1 –  Facebook Templates – $19.95

Inside this upgrade Desmond offers some done-for-you templates which are compliant with Facebook so you can save time creating them.

Upgrade 2 – Webinar Recordings – $47

Webinar recordings which will allow you to scale this method even further.

Upgrade 3 – Coaching Call – $97

Personal one-on-one coaching call with Desmond Ong to succeed with this method as quickly as possible.

Upgrade 4 – Resell Rights – $197

This will give you ability to sell this course at a 100% commission for the Frontend as well as all of the OTOs.

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My Bonus

I have provided you with a couple of exclusive bonuses.

Custom Bonus 1: Exclusive Facebook Ads Training, INCLUDING THE UPGRADE

When you pick up Boomerang Method through my link, you will get access to my award-winning Facebook Traffic course Social Traffic Alchemy. This course will combine perfectly with the Boomerang Method to give you extremely cheap clicks in any niche.

You will also get access to the Done For You pack which will provide you with some done for you niches and case studies.

Custom Bonus 2: Exclusive interview between Desmond Ong and Cason Bo

In this exclusive interview Desmond and Cason discuss how they managed to make over 5,000 sales on one of their launches and how you can do the same. This is an exclusive bonus not available if you buy through anyone else.

How To Get: To get the bonus, please look inside your WarriorPlus download area, under “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”. If you have any problems, just email me and I’ll get that over to you ASAP. Or you can raise a ticket at with the subject “Attn: Greg – Boomerang Bonus”.

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Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

    10 replies to "Boomerang Method Review: $495 a Day With This Secret Hack"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I’m here if you have any questions at all 🙂

      • Mike T

        Hi Greg. Your bonus sounds great! You say it gives “access” to your course and to the Boomerang DFY upgrade. Does this mean time limited access and then I have to buy it or subscribe to something, or do I actually get permanent access to it? I’m going to buy Boomerang anyway but it seems like a no-brainer to buy it through you!
        Thanks in advance for your answer.

        • Greg Kononenko

          Hi Mike, thanks for the question, no catches here, you will get the full course PLUS the done for you upgrade.

    • Richard Adams

      I’m not very experienced but understand what you say about if I have for example a Fat Loss website. Anyone who clicks on and views my site but does nothing will be “Captured” so I can contact them.

      Question. They won’t know how I “captured” their contact details so won’t they think I’m spamming them?

      And does recapturing also work where I post an ad on a safelist or traffic exchange? Someone clicks on the e mail in their inbox then leaves without clicking the link to the ad or they do click the link to see my ad/offer but leave without taking any action. Do I get to recapture them? Spamming question applies here also.


      • Greg

        Hi Richard

        Thanks for the question.

        The way it works is you don’t capture their email addresses. They get added to your virtual audience on Facebook. Then you can run ads on Facebook to that audience. So you won’t be mailing them.

        All they’ll see is that there is an ad in their newsfeed. So there is no problem with any spamming. It’s a very non-intrusive method. Cheers. Greg

    • CARO

      I have just started a Affiliate site and need a re-targeting code to put on my site. If I buy this course will it direct me to know how to create that code.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Caro, yes definitely it can help you create the code. However, you don’t need the course to learn how to create the code, there are lots of free instructions on how to do it. Here is one link:
        The course shows it too, as well as how to get OTHER website owners to allow you to place your code on their sites, and then how to profit from it.
        Cheers, Greg

    • CARO

      Thanks for your reply. Hope you feel better soon!

      • Greg Kononenko

        Thanks Caro! Appreciate it 🙂 I am better today

    • Shun

      Hi greg, pls how much will facebook charge me for fb ad when i get started on bloomerange. Thanks

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