Have you been looking to bring about some changes around the office in order to give it a fresh feel? Studies have shown that an office’s layout and look can directly impact how well employees perform, which is why major corporate companies undergo a facelift every few years; it works! But where do you start when renovating the office, and what works best in terms of productivity? Down below, you’ll find some valuable tips on how to upgrade your office to boost efficiency.


Make sure your layout is open and spacious – this will make the office feel more inviting. This layout also limits interruptions, which allows employees to get their work done without being interrupted every few minutes by a coworker or boss trying to have a chat. When working in an enclosed space, productivity can be hampered due to feeling cramped, so make sure your layout is open and spacious.

Color Scheme

Next to layout, the color scheme can have an effect on how well employees perform in the office. Studies show that interfaces with a cooler color palette (blue) focus better than those with warmer colors (red). If your company has a variety of personalities working together in one space, it might be a good idea to use cooler colors in order to maintain productivity.

Design & Lighting

Finally, design can affect how well employees perform. When designing the layout of your office space, you want something functional and open for business, not cluttered with decorations or too much furniture. It’s also essential to have a layout that reflects your company’s values and vision. Another way to boost your company’s productivity is by investing in good lighting, which can make all the difference when it comes to layout and design. Solar lights are an affordable option that you can use outside of the office; this will eliminate shadows and create more light inside for better visibility. You can also consider vertical louvre blinds, which will allow you to control how much light you allow in the office at all times.

Office Furniture

The layout and design of the office are critical, but it’s also important to make sure that the furnishings are appropriate. Investing in good-quality furniture can help boost your company’s productivity; this includes desks, chairs, sofas, or recliners for more informal work sessions (think brainstorming) and executive tables for those more intense meetings.


A study in 2008 found that brightly colored plants can increase productivity by 15%. This makes sense because have you ever looked at a plant and felt your anxiety act up? Exactly! There are a few different types of plants you can consider for the office, such as plants that are colorful or have a scent. Some plants also remove harmful toxins from the air, such as geraniums, which will leave you with purified and great-smelling air all day long!

By utilizing the above tips, you’ll have an office environment that promotes productivity in no time! Not only will the impact the overall feel of your office, but your employees will feel more motivated and efficient because of it!