What is the one resource that your business cannot do without? Its people and that is because your employees are the cornerstone of your business success. What that means is if they aren’t happy or productive, it is impossible for your business to succeed, and that is why it’s crucial to do all you can to boost wellbeing of those that work for you, if you want your company to thrive, that is. Luckily, you can read all about this topic the post below.

Flexible hours

One thing that can make a massive difference to your employees’ well being is giving them the flexibility to engage in other valued actions apart from work.

This may include things like going on long weekend breaks, watching their kids in the school play, getting home early once a week on a Friday so they can get their weekend chores out of the way, or even attending appointments that can help boost their physical health and wellbeing, such as competitive events and counselling sessions.

Of course for this to work you need to think of both what your employees’ need and what your company needs as well. That means having effective time tracking in place such as a clocking-in system. Happily, this is something that can now be easily automated with swipeable identity cards. Then, by running a quick query your HR department can remind each employee of how much they are over or under their necessary hours each and month, and this can allow them to adjust this as they go along. Something that can work well for all parties concerned, especially if you are working in a project based environment where you need to ask workers to stay late and do overtime in busy periods.

Remote working

Another tactic that you can use to boost the wellbeing of those that work for you is offering them to option to work remotely or from home. This can be particularly beneficial for their well being because not only will they not have to struggle through the commuter rush each morning and evening to get to work, but they will save money on travel as well, which mean a higher proportion of their salary end up directly in their pockets.

In fact, as a problematic commute is one of the main reasons cited for dissatisfaction with work, it can really pay off in term of retaining the best people over the long term to offer this type of set up. Add to this the fact that remote workers use their own electricity, heat, gas, water, residences and in some cases equipment and it can save your business a fortune while increasing the happiness of your employees too, making it a double win.

Integrate exercise into the work day

Now, the idea of integrating exercise into the daily routine of your employees may seem a tad controversial. After all, it can appear to be people nannyish to some.

However, adding a psychical counterpoint to the tasks your workers do on a regular basis can have a lot of benefits. In fact, apart from a rise in morale and motivation provided by a break from the usual routine, another particular advantage is that integrating exercise into the daily workday can help ministries work-related injuries and stress.

For example, those working at desk jobs can much or easily boost their mood by engaging in some HIIT or cardio training during a break. Whereas those already working physical jobs that require a lot of cardio-vascular exercises can benefit from a gentler activity such a yoga or pilates that will help them keep flexible and supple.

Of course, fewer injuries at work ensure a more productive workforce and reduce any delays, or administrative costs incurred trying to covered people that are off. Something that makes it beneficial not only for the employee concerned but for your business’s bottom line as well.

Health and safety provision

Another crucial aspect of looking after your employee’s wellbeing in the workplace is health and safety. This can span everything from the way that their desks are set up in order to minimise repetitive strain injury, to ensuring those that are working with toxic airborne particle like asbestos have the right protective clothing and respirator masks.

Of course, just like the rest of the well-being provisions, they don’t just protect your employees from harm, but your business as well. In fact, many personal injury cases are ones directly brought against employers, where they haven’t invested the time and money to ensure their workers are adequately protected in the workplace. This being something that can end up not only costing businesses a great deal financially but also negatively affect their PR as well.

To that end, employing a personal injury advocate as a consultant for your business, something that you can learn more about by clicking the ink, is an excellent idea. The reason being that they will be able to help you see the wider-reaching impact of an accident at work on your employees and their lives, and so can help you prevent such a situation that could be ruinous for all involved.

Advancement and training programs

Finally, when it comes to taking care of your employees well being providing them with ample opportunities to advance and train is also essential. After all, no one wants to think they will be stuck doing the same role, for the same salary for the rest of their lives.

Also, investing in training and personal development programs for your staff, not only shows that you care about them in a broader sense but can also increase the satisfaction they have at work as well.

It can even increase their motivation and creativity too, as some activities like painting, music, and dance are known to have positive effects on emotional well being and thinking styles as well. Something that should not only make your entire workforce a lot happier but more productive and effective as well! Now that really does make employee well-being something worth investing in!