More buyers and fewer browsers is something that all businesses would like to achieve. And if this was a riddle that was easy to solve, all companies would have sales that are through the roof!

Of course, everybody would like to improve website conversion rate, but you are competing against a high number of competitors. Here are some points which are worth putting into practice which are designed to help give you the edge.

Display Your Products in the Best Light

In real stores, products are displayed in the best lighting to make them look as attractive as possible. When you only have an online store, the quality of your images will go a long way towards convincing your customers to take the plunge and make a purchase. You could display them from as many angles as possible to give your customers the fullest picture of what they are buying.

Copy Sells

Even though the imagery is highly important, people will still pay attention to the words on the page – even if they don’t read them in great detail. So, make sure that they key selling points of the product are easy to pick out. Don’t overload the page with long paragraphs as people simply aren’t going to take the time to trawl through them all. And people are also likely to trust customer reviews much more than what you are saying about your own products, so make sure that these are displayed clearly on the page.

Make the Discount Visible

Everybody loves to think that they are grabbing themselves a great deal, so if you are offering a discount, make sure that it is displayed very clearly and prominently. And if you are offering it, you should also make it easy to apply. Nothing is more annoying for customers than when it feels like a retailer is purposely trying to make their lives as difficult as possible when they simply don’t need to.

Simplify the Checkout Process

We have already talked about the general impatience of customers these days, and there is no point making their lives more difficult than they need to be when they are trying to make a purchase from you. Therefore, the checkout process should be as easy as possible. Make it easy to add and remove items as they would like, and give your customers a variety of payment methods so that they can choose the one which best suits their needs.

Getting more buyers is one of the main problems that all types of business are trying to solve these days. You don’t necessarily have to make all of these changes at once. You could start with one or two to see what a difference they make to your conversion rate. If you have enjoyed some success, you can then look into making other tweaks and enhancements further down the line.