It is music to any business’s ears and bank balance – loyal, returning customers. It is loyal customers that will see your profits increase yearly, and your product lines are primed for expansion and business growth too.

But it’s not an easy task to get there.

Customer loyalty is one of the measures of how likely it is that you will get repeat business. And while new customers are great and something every business should strive for – loyalty is priceless.

So how do you become best friends with your customers?


As a business, you collect a lot of information aside from sending sales emails – what are you doing with it? Depending on what you are selling, you should be creating personalized emails with birthdays coupons and other things too.

Did they recently buy hiking boots? What other products do you have that would go nicely with that?

Start using the information you collect for more than just a sales email; get to know your customers.


The elephant in the room is always marketing – are you marketing to the best of your ability? What could you be doing better or differently? Is it time that you made a real investment into the future of your business and handed the job to a professional company like E-Web Marketing?

Marketing is an art, and not all small businesses have what it takes to keep their foot on the gas, highlight opportunities, manage mailing lists, and more at the same time.

Loyalty programs

People who like coffee are 100% going to buy nine coffees to get a tenth coffee free. People who play slots will deposit the amount that will give them free spins. And the list goes on – because people like to be rewarded for what they do.

Customer loyalty programs encourage people to spend their money with you – because they are going to get something in return.


There are hundreds of ways your company can be automated – and you can use that. Faster payments, easier logins, faster customer services – you can make the customer’s journey easy if you choose to. Using their past purchases, numbers, location, and more, you can help them faster.

Look at where you can smooth out the customer experience with automation.


Imagine you sell cakes, and a customer comes in once a week to buy the same slice of cake; one week, they come in, and it tastes different. It’s not the same ingredients, and you didn’t make them aware.

The next time they feel like a slice of cake, they may as well go somewhere else – because you weren’t consistent, so what is the harm in trying something new? To the customer, it’s the same thing.

They need to have the same or a better experience with you each time they purchase.

Always put your customers first because they are the ones that will keep your business ticking over. Here are some more tips about how to keep your customers loyal and happy: Keep Your Clients And Customers Loyal.