You may assume that dating and business don’t have all that much in common. One is romantic; the other most definitely isn’t. One is for pleasure; the other often feels a lot more like pain. Despite their differences, though, dating and business have one essential thing in common; they’re both about sealing a deal. It may seem heartless to call your romantic interest a deal, but it’s not much of a stretch. In dating and business, you have to go after what you want and consider how you can get it. Lucky for you, the majority of us have some dating experience, even if we’re new to business.

That’s why you may have more prowess to make this business work than you realize. If you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out how these essential dating skills could help your chances.

The importance of looking your best

You won’t get far on a date if you turn up with messy hair and scruffy clothes. This is a sure sign of a lack of effort. That’s a huge turn off for a potential love interest or a customer for that matter. Appearance matters in business in more ways than you may expect. As on a date, you’ll need to make sure you’re well groomed and dressed to impress. In a more general sense, you’ll also want to ensure that your business looks its best. That means taking time to find that right office or shop space and getting down with decor. It also means ensuring that your product and branding look good in themselves.

The personalized approach

A date will be over before it starts if you use the wrong name, or don’t tailor your approach to the person you’re meeting. If you’re loud and brash on a date with a quiet person, the relationship will be a no-go. In some ways, the same applies in business. If you use a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising, the majority of customers will fail to take the bait. By comparison, targeting offers with the help of something like the CRM Consulting offered by White Owl could see you with a much higher rate of return. By looking at what each customer has bought in the past, you can gain a pretty good idea of what they might like in the future. And, you can bet this approach will also win you some much-needed respect.

Beating the competition

In dating and in business, you can bet you’ll be operating in a crowded market. With online dating now in full swing, the world of love is a busy place. If you don’t impress, there’ll be another guy on the next night who could do better. Business markets are saturated, too, with companies forever fighting for sales. Both of the above can help you stand out on their own, but it’s also worth knowing what your competitors are doing. Only by researching the prices and offers around you can you beat those deals and win this battle.