Today we want to share a few tips around branding your business, as this can be an area that is often overlooked or be a last minute afterthought. This should never be the case as whether you are a personal injury attorney, an online retailer or a florist, brand image is everything, so here are 4 ways to build your business branding.

Focus on your branding

We know that this seems obvious, and we hope that as you are reading this you do recognize the importance of business branding, but it needs highlighting.

When you are starting up your business, it can be easy to get swept away by other areas. You might be absorbed in working out the funding, you might be drumming up early opportunities or carrying out product development. All are worthy of your time and attention, of course, but you must also put branding up there on your list.

Before you launch, carry out market research around your branding as well as your services. Take the time to work out what you want to do here and seek to develop a strong brand image from the outset.

Keep it simple

The last thing that you want to do is to complicate things. You should aim to keep it simple and then let your business, services and products speak for themselves.

Think about what your business goals, mission and values are. You are welcome to write reams and reams about them if that helps you to develop your ideas, but once you are done you need to break everything down into a handful of concepts and no more.

Your business brand should be your logo, slogans, colors and fonts, messages and your business’ voice. The branding is how you present your business to the world.

Get some expert support

Now that you are clear about the message that you want and need to convey, it is time to get some expert support.

Unless you have a design and marketing background, getting the professionals involved at this stage can be invaluable. You will be able to share with them your notes, your ideas and your vision and they should be able to come up with several branding suggestions. You can then work together to shape and develop these ideas until you feel that they perfectly represent your business.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology can now do a lot of the work for you. You should have a website designed, using all of your branding, and this can act as the frontline of your business.

Ensure that you include details about what you do, your values and a startup story so that potential clients can connect with you and your ideas.

Your website is the anchor for your online branding, and we would then suggest that you look at regularly updating it, by way of a blog or new pages to engage new and old visitors. In addition to that, you should aim to utilise social media to spread more of your brand messages.

Social media is free to use and is a brilliant way to get your business’ voice and services in front of clients.