If there is one rule in business it is that whatever you do, you must make a profit to stay afloat. For some people, the drive to make money is enough to make it happen, but for others, the world of business finance can seem impenetrably complex.

When you are mostly interested in developing new ideas, finance can feel like a maze preventing you from getting on with the good stuff. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to simplify your finance. Just follow the rules and you will be fine.

Always Pay Your Taxes

Paying taxes might not sound too exciting but it is essential that you factor this payment in when you work out your profitability. At the moment, many small businesses pay taxes based on the personal rate of the business owner. However, you should also bear in mind that you must pay payroll taxes which can be significantly higher.

The best advice you can get on taxes is to hire someone who thoroughly understands what your obligations are and can make arrangements on your behalf. Tax preparation company, Shockley Bookkeeping & Tax Services are a good recommendation and can advise you on all your tax requirements.

Focus on Growth

Businesses survive and thrive on growth. The more you can do to improve your profit margin or expand your team, the more likely your business is to continue to do well. But growth does come in a few different guises so it’s worth thinking a little more about this idea.

In its most basic form, growth is about selling more. This might be a result of a particularly good marketing strategy or it might be a result of opening new premises. Either way, if you want to sell more, you will need to invest more. And if you want to invest more, you will likely need to find some way to finance your growth. Usually, this means taking out a business loan.

Use Loans Wisely

Taking out a loan is always a risk but done for the right reasons, it can be a great way to help your business finances along. For example, you might take out a business loan so that you can invest in expanding your business premises, but you might also use the loan to build your business credit for the future.

The first rule of taking out a loan is ensuring that you will be able to make the minimum monthly repayments. You should balance this number against your current profits but if you are sure of your idea, you could balance it against your projected increased earnings. This method is a little riskier but when done well works wonders. You should never take out a loan without doing all the math first.

Though business finance can be complex, you can and should ask for help where you need it. Making your money work for you is about more than putting it safely in the bank; all your business decisions should be made with your profit and development in mind.