Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even a smaller occasion like Mother’s Day, holidays offer a great opportunity for businesses. Everybody is buying gifts, and if you can capitalize on holidays in the right way, you can significantly boost sales. You also see long-term growth if you market yourself properly around holidays because a lot of those first-time customers will stick around if they are happy with the service and the gift was well received.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fail to put the right strategies in place and they miss this golden opportunity. If you are not seeing the kind of sales increase that you expect around the holidays, try some of these great marketing methods.

Lower Your Prices

People spend a lot of money around the holidays, so they are always looking for ways to make savings. That’s why you always see big discounts everywhere in the lead up to a holiday. If you don’t do the same, you will fall behind and potential customers will look elsewhere. So, make sure that you offer promotions on the majority of your products. You don’t have to give a big discount and offering 10% off will still make a huge difference. You should also consider offering larger discounts on bigger orders to encourage people to buy multiple items. Make sure that you make these deals available to everybody as well, so your existing customers don’t feel neglected.

Use Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are tricky to get right and many businesses avoid them because they’ve wasted money in the past. However, they usually fail because companies implement them at the wrong time. In the lead up to holidays, people are looking for new gift ideas and they are far more responsive to direct mail, so it’s the best time to use them. Use a professional direct mail marketing service (like this one at Action-mailing.com) to create high-quality marketing products for you. Combine this with your discounts and you should see a big increase in traffic to your website off the back of it. Keep the design simple so people can scan it quickly, but make it eye catching because there will be a lot of other direct mail campaigns going out at the same time.

Improve The User Experience

The user experience (UX) refers to the overall experience that a customer has with your company, and it often relates heavily to your website and how easy it is to navigate. This is always important, but it’s especially relevant around holidays when people have a lot of gifts to buy in a short space of time. If you make life difficult for your customers, they will soon start looking elsewhere. So, conduct user experience research and make some positive changes in the lead up to the holidays. If you make the whole experience seamless for the customer, you make their holiday shopping so much easier and they’re likely to become repeat customers.

If you use these strategies, you can capitalize on holidays and encourage long-term business growth.