The average person spends an estimated 28% of their time at work. There are many ways to increase the productivity of your business, but if you want to learn 7 tips for making it more productive, then this blog post is for you. From using an organizer to set boundaries on work time, these strategies will help make your business run smoother and cut down on wasted hours.

Plan Your Day

By keeping organized, you can avoid wasting time on tasks that are not important. Whether it’s digital or physical, find one that works well for you and stick with it. It’ll keep all your necessary information together in one place.

Create Daily Goals

Asking yourself what needs to be done today is not enough. Instead, determine how much can get done based on who else will be involved (i.e., Are there any meetings scheduled? Are other team members busy?). Then go ahead and break down these tasks into smaller ones if possible, so they’re more manageable and achievable within your timeframe. This will help you and your team remain on task and get more done.


The most important tasks need to be completed before the rest of the items on your list. If you’re not sure what these are, ask yourself: “Which activities will have the greatest impact?” Then, once you’ve identified them, focus only on completing these things first.

Delegate What Is Outside Your Capabilities

Don’t give yourself any more credit than you deserve when delegating tasks that don’t require your special skills or talents. Sometimes businesses fail because business owners can’t accept that they don’t know everything and sometimes need to ask for help. Instead, assign work based on each person’s strengths to complete their assigned duties as soon as possible without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. This way, everyone contributes to getting big projects finished quickly.

Set Deadlines

As mentioned above, you need to prioritize, but deadlines are required as well. Make known the due dates for projects and tasks that must be finished by certain times; this will help you (and your team) stay on task more effectively.

Take A Break

Set aside an hour or two every week to take a break from email and focus entirely on nonessential activities like organizing your desk drawers or reading books related to other areas in business besides yours. Spending too much time looking at screens isn’t good for anyone’s eyesight or overall well-being either. Once this hour has passed, do something else, perhaps exercise? Then return to being productive later in the day. Just like setting goals, planning out when to take a break is vital so you can recharge before delving back into work mode again.

Virtual Assistant

Suppose you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant. In that case, it’s crucial to explain your specific needs and how much time these tasks take to build their own schedule accordingly. When possible, provide examples of similar work completed for other clients and ask them if this is something they see themselves capable of doing. Your VA will need all the information available before coming up with an estimate, as well as suggestions for ways to move forward to make sure both parties remain happy throughout this relationship.

Businesses need to get the basics in place concerning productivity, and these tips will surely help with the process. However, there are more vigorous ways to increase productivity in your business and cut away all waste in the process. Many courses are available for you to learn these strategies and get your Lean IT certification.