When you first sprinted out the gate, your business looked like it was going to be a tremendous success and take the world by storm. But that hasn’t happened. The profit levels aren’t where you hoped they would be, the interest isn’t there, and your brand doesn’t have the level of recognition you need. It seems that either you overestimated your business idea or something has gone horribly wrong.

Here’s the good news – your idea is probably fine. If you saw early success, then that means that there was a solid sale angle there and you simply haven’t capitalized on it. So, let’s look at the real issues that you could be facing and figure out whether it might be too late to fix them.

Your Marketing Needs A Boost

This is definitely the first place that you should start when assessing what’s gone wrong. It’s possible that the marketing just hasn’t been there and that’s why there’s no interest. If customers don’t know that your company exists, how can they show interest in it? They can’t, and the issue here often is that people don’t see marketing as something that is constant. Instead, they considered it a one and done which is ridiculous when you think about it. Market once and you will never see the level of success that your business deserves. You have to make sure that your model can fit in a constant marketing push every day. You also need to make sure that you create a heavy push in the first year to build up the brand. You can do this with something like the Sticky Growth Marketing Accelerator. This will help put your company on the map.

You Aren’t Taking Risks

You might be wary of taking risks with your business, particularly if you can’t afford to lose any money. While this makes a lot of sense, if you don’t take risks, then you will struggle to gain the attention or interest that you want. If customers are looking at your business and thinking ‘been there, seen that’ you have an issue. Customers want to be amazed. They want something, new, fresh and exciting so that’s exactly what you need to bring to the table. You can only do this if you take a risk every now and then. This doesn’t mean you should gamble with your business. But you also shouldn’t let it become stagnant on the market.


Do you know what a USP is? It stands for a unique selling point. This is something that separates your business from the rest of the pack which is absolutely essential. Without this, you will just get lost in the shuffle. A USP can be anything from a fast turn around time to a clever marketing gimmick. You just need to spend some time figuring out the angle and setting up your promotion or marketing around it. It’s that simple.

We hope this helps you correct the issues that are causing your business to stumble on the market and sets your company back on the right path.