Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for…


30 Days Coaching Session: WATCH US CREATE $100K FROM SCRATCH

Follow along, learn how to create your own info product in ANY NICHE! Watch us live as we are working on a 6-figure launch… DAILY communication, TWICE WEEKLY videos, WEEKLY webinars, Real Time FB Group. 

Dear fellow marketer,

Are you sick of get rich quick systems? Are you tired of SEO, PPC, and other small-scale systems that only generate a few dollars a month?

Are you feeling frustrated because you are ready to take the next step and get a serious business, but haven’t yet found someone to show you a better way?

Or perhaps you have considered some coaching programs, but were put off by multi-thousand dollar price tags?

If you’ve said yes, then we completely understand…

You Need Help From Someone Who’s “Been There, Done That”


We were exactly like that when we first started.

We spent several years buying WSO’s and not really getting anywhere. We didn’t realise it at the time, but we needed advice and mentorship from someone more experienced than us. Someone who can just show us  a better way.

We hadn’t even met at that time, but both of us got coaches. And man oh man, what a difference it’s made…

Over the past 4 years, we have built successful online businesses.

And we have done that through a number of different methods – SEO, list building, videos and affiliate marketing.

But there is also this one other method that is responsible for a HUGE part of our success, and it’s PRODUCT CREATION…


The money side of it is nice, but what’s even more exciting is that our products have really helped our customers…


Together, we have over 30 product releases

We thought we’ve done it all. But there is one thing that we have NOT yet done.

We want to teach select few people how to create successful information products in any niche.

And if product creation is something you’ve been considering, then…

What better way to learn than by copying our upcoming launch?


We want to help a few people who are real action takers. We believe in learning by doing. So we didn’t want to teach pure theory and supplemented it with a real case study.

That’s why are offering two things in one awesome package:

– Full product creation training – works in any niche. All information is based on our experience, spanning over 30 videos

– Over-the-shoulder, behind the scenes case study of our upcoming launch on October 11th 2015

This means that not only will you be able to learn all the high quality stuff we know about product launches…

But you will also be able to work on this upcoming launch with us. In other words, you will be able to:

– See how we think about choosing an industry and niche
– Learn how we decide what product to make
– What makes a product successful
– Witness the creation of the product
– Learn how we go about designing the funnel
– How we create the main product and the upsell
– What you need to do to attract affiliate
– … And much much more

Here is Exactly What You Will Get


  • Watch us create a $100k info product from scratch – we show you everything from the beginning. From absolute zero, to us launching the product on the 11th of October 2015
  • Ask us questions on any part of the process, right as we are doing it!
  • 10 Modules of “just-in-time” Video Training, each consisting of multiple videos, delivered over 30 days
  • Weekly webinar where we will show you every step, every secret of what we are doing and you can ask questions on our launch
  • You can follow the training along with us, and start working on your own information launch as you are watching us create ours
  • Anything you get stuck on – we will be there to help
  • Facebook Group where you can mastermind with us and fellow marketers, grow your affiliate connections and ask us questions as you are following along
  • You will receive support on any questions inside the FB mastermind and the weekly webinars

By the time you finish, here is what you will learn:


  • You will have the experience of watching our successful launch, right over our shoulders
  • You will be able to create your own info product in any niche
  • You will know how to create a high converting funnel, including upsells, sales pages and JV page
  • You will know how to attract affiliates
  • You will know how to generate sales for your product

But Wait! We Didn’t Stop There




You will also get a copy of that product, plus all of the OTO’s, worth total $171 (as the product will cost $27 and OTO’s will be $47 and $97).

The main product is going to teach you going to create 800,000 targeted leads in any niche for a tiny $60.

OTO1 will give you a case study of how we use this method, and a complete done for you package

OTO2 is a 4-week coaching program teaching you to implement the method and profit from it.

As you can see, we have gone all out with this package…

You may be wondering if it costs $2k… Or maybe even $3k?..

Well, we had the goal of making it affordable for EVERYONE.

And that means that we thought the fair price would be $997. Wouldn’t you agree?

After a while, I convinced Stephen to make it a super low $497.

But for the first 3 days of this offer opening, we are practically giving it away at just $297



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