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UX Research Is Vital To Your Business

UX (User Experience), refers to all the content that a user or customer perceives, how they view you, your business and how you can solve their needs to achieve greater satisfaction and a better user experience, each of the involved parts that form a complete set should be based on the needs, objectives, expectations, and […]

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Small Businesses Are Quietly Dying Out And Need Help

Small businesses play an essential role in keeping an economy healthy and active. They provide employment opportunities, introduce competition in local communities, and encourage innovation even at the base level. In fact, some would even argue that small businesses are the engine for economic growth. However, due to the global pandemic forcing the world into […]

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The Branding Mistakes Too Many Businesses Make

Branding is a core part of every single business around the world. It’s not just big corporations that need good branding, small businesses – and even freelancers – need it too. The idea is that you create a brand image that people can recognize and identify with. The more you grow your brand, the more […]

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