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Why It Makes Sense to Focus on Your Conversion Rates

If you have been running an online business for a long time, and invested in online marketing campaigns, it is important that you are focusing on the quality of traffic instead of the quantity. This is where many business owners get it wrong. Instead of investing in advanced technologies to improve their conversions, they pay […]

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The Building Blocks Of A Brilliant Brand

The brand is so much more than a nebulous catch-all term for how you market. It is every part of the business’s representation, reputation, relationships with customers and more. It is the face of the business, and the core of all its marketing, support, and future business. It’s pretty important, so if you don’t have […]

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What A Surplus Economy Means For All Of Us

The average person that has no idea how their country and or city is run, will purely be focused on one part of their life mostly. Getting to work on time, doing your best and getting home again to rest and recharge is how most of us live our lives. When the time comes we […]

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