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It’s 2019: Be Your Own Boss

This generation has changed the way we work. From casual clothes, flexible hours, offices filled with bean bags, foosball tables, table tennis, and brainstorm rooms, the stiffs in suits don’t know how to handle it – but if we’ve learned anything from the changes in the last ten years, it’s that there are no rules. […]

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Is Your Redundancy Fair?

If there is one thing that yo are entitled to in the working world, it’s being treated fairly. From the package you are given when you are brought into a company to the package you are given when you leave, you are supposed to be treated fairly throughout the entire process. Your employer is bound […]

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How To Speed Up Your Commute to the Office

We may a set number of hours we have to work each day, but that number only represents a portion of your working day. After all, there’s the whole matter of getting ready for work, having breakfast (would you eat that early if you didn’t have to?), and, of course, your drive to and from […]

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