Connecting with our customers isn’t just about the basic search engine tricks; it goes far deeper than that. Nowadays, when we are trying to establish a relationship with the people who buy our products, we are, more often than not, vying for attention with various other businesses. And so, when we are looking to establish some sort of relationship with our customers, engaging with them on a more personal level can be very difficult, but are there any new approaches that we can take advantage of, or is it a combination of the old tried and tested methods?

Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere

If you are setting up a physical store, you might not be surprised to find that enticing customers into your environment is a tumultuous task. Customers are always on edge, and they don’t particularly want to part with their money if you are doing the hard sell. Creating a relaxing atmosphere might be the key to this, as this article on the Aromatech website highlights, scent marketing is a surprising way to entice people, by utilizing the basic senses. Now, this shouldn’t be news to your ears, but it’s surprising that there are so many entrepreneurs out there that take the old-fashioned approach of visual bombardment. Instead, work at satisfying all of the senses.

Respond Quickly

If you don’t respond within 24 hours, you’ve lost them forever. Ultimately, every customer is putting their faith in your ability to deliver, and if they are asking you a question, then you had better make sure you have the answer, and then some. Amazingly, there are so many companies out there that are trying to blindside the customers with facts and figures, or they don’t even train up their staff properly to deliver the information in an understandable way. If this is due to the fact that the organization doesn’t have the answers, it’s not for us to say. But, responding in a timely manner is one of those simple things that communicates manners and respect.

Go The Extra Mile

The extra mile is one of those clichés that every company talks about, but they seldom deliver when it comes to this. Going the extra mile is something that’s open to interpretation, but it’s not about cascading this information to your employees and ensuring they do this. Are you giving them any incentive to do this at all? If not, then don’t blame them when the customers walk away unsatisfied. Find out what it really takes to keep, not just your customer satisfied, but your employees too. Connecting with customers isn’t just about email marketing techniques; it’s all about establishing that personal bond. It’s not just the technical side of things, but if you have staff that are personable, empathetic, but also know what they are doing, this is how the business succeeds.

You need your customers to keep the train rolling, and if you are connecting with them on a personal level, how are you going to establish a reliable reputation? Connecting with customers, in its simplest form, is about tantalizing them, but delivering. You can do this by appealing to their senses, but you still need to deliver the goods.