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James Regan - 27/08/2016

Just picked up hastag genius, looks interesting

    Greg Kononenko - 31/08/2016

    Thanks James, hope you find it useful.

      Rian Oberholzer - 04/10/2021

      Hi Greg I Am A Big Fan Of You Been Following You Fore Some Time Now On YouTube I Now You Are A Very Busy At The Moment But I Just Want To Ask You I Am suggesting Your online Courses In One Of My Blogger Post Number One Can I Get Permission To Do So
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      From Rian South-Africa

      Rian Oberholzer - 04/10/2021

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      sorry about that.

      especially Online So Here Is My Suggested List. If You Are Interested.

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    Geraldcoump - 30/07/2017

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    Peaches and Screams - 19/09/2019

    What do you guys make of peaches and screams I wanted to buy their Cross-Over Garter Bodystocking as a small Christmas present for myself .


    Claar - 07/10/2019

    Found this post engaged, added to tumblr


    Anthonyunpag - 12/03/2020

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    shop - 13/03/2020

    Good post!


    Enriqueta - 15/04/2020

    Enough is a enough!

    Marcelo - 13/10/2020

    Take care!


    Ashiyah - 22/12/2020

    Is anyone here in a position to recommend T-Shirt Dresses? Cheers xx


Adwin - 01/09/2016

Hi Greg,

I like your blog and information shared. Are you currently teaching on Skillshare?
If not, may I use some of your content to make it into video course?


    Greg Kononenko - 04/09/2016

    Hey Adwin

    I am not using Skillshare but you’re welcome to based YOUR OWN material on anything you find on my site.

    Please just don’t copy my articles and please don’t use my videos.


Larry Gooch - 04/09/2016

Yo Greg, Your reviews are great…Thnks

Todd Sandford - 14/09/2016

Hi Greg,

Just purchased VidCuratorFX, VidCuratorFX Pro and the image library. Would you please send your bonuses.

Thanks, Todd

Purchase Details:
Product: VidCuratorFX – Multi User License
Price: $37.00
Payment Id: AP-7C012664UM629535Y

Product: VidCuratorFX PRO
Price: $67.00
Payment Id: AP-63320111U02770903

Product: Image Library Pack
Price: $37.00
Payment Id: AP-0649607367631390J

solo - 17/09/2016

Hi Greg, you are a breath of fresh air in the IM space. Sincere and upfront without much hype in your reviews. Keep up the good effort. That’s also why I just bought Revamply through your link. Though it’s 2 months’ late, would appreciate it if you could consider sending me the bonuses. Thanks.

    Greg Kononenko - 17/09/2016

    Hi Solo, thanks very much, appreciate the kind feedback. Just emailed you the bonus, please let me know if for some reason it hasn’t come through. Cheers

frank - 29/09/2016

i bought Hashtag Genius AP-5FS88673T5015504G and can not set up because got stuck after choosing my niche, the system keeps on spinning for hours.
I have submitted tickets twice and no response from Hashtag Genius so desperately i contact you here.
Hopefully you can help
Thank you.

Ravi Kiran - 01/10/2016


I have purchased “Autoviral” through your link, but i have not received the bonus inside jvzoo area. I have purchased because there is some guidance as one of the bonuses in utilizing the software. Please send bonus links.

Thank you

Transaction Id: hidden
Date: Friday 30th of September 2016 04:50:39 AM
Product Name: AUTOVIRAL: Replicate BuzzFeed & ViralNova Success Using Fresh Viral Content
Price: $42.00
Purchaser: hidden
Seller: Pedro Lopes

Ravi Kiran - 04/10/2016

I am awating your reply for the bonus links. Please forward the same.

Thank you

    Greg Kononenko - 07/10/2016

    Hi Ravi, thank you for the reminder, sorry about the delay. Just emailed you the link to the bonus. I will delete your email from the page so you don’t get any unwanted spam 🙂

piero ciaffarafa - 07/10/2016

just purchased wp social traffic through your link but your bonus links do not work!!!
BONUS #1 – WP Video Ace Plugin – Whitelabel License $197 Value
only personal licence link here
BONUS #2 – MemberPal Plugin – Resellers License
link just sends you to jvzoo to sign up.No product!!!no memberpal
BONUS #3 – WP Commission Machine – Resellers License
link just does not work

    Greg Kononenko - 07/10/2016

    Hi Piero, Ankur’s whole hosting account is currently down. I’m sorry, it’s not on my end. These are hosted on Ankur’s hosting service. It will be back up very soon. Thanks for your patience.

    piero - 07/10/2016

    Problem these links are from your dropbox page not ankurs.
    All links not working or wrong links.
    Not the bonuses offered for purchasing through your link

      piero - 09/10/2016

      Your sales letter offered these as your bonuses

        piero - 09/10/2016

        Your sales letter offered these as your bonuses

        Bonus 1:Whitelabel Rights to Video Ace plugin (197 Value)

        Bonus 2:Whitelabel Rights to WP Commission Machine (197 value)

        Bonus 3:Whitelabel Rights to MemberPal (197 value)

          Greg Kononenko - 09/10/2016

          Hi Piero, replied to you by email. Ankur’s hosting deleted all his sites and he’s trying to get them back. Sent you a link by email.

          piero - 09/10/2016

          thanks for replying Greg,
          replied to this email with more details for you to check out
          as the bonus links are all wrong on the bonuses downloaded page

          piero - 10/10/2016

          Greg,Ankurs site works fine and delivered all the bonuses HE
          put on the offer,
          The three bonuses offered by you are not being delivered.
          Why are YOU not issuing the bonuses You offered not those by Ankur as part of the purchase?

          Your sales letter offered these as your bonuses for purchasing product

          Bonus 1:Whitelabel Rights to Video Ace plugin (197 Value)

          Bonus 2:Whitelabel Rights to WP Commission Machine (197 value)

          Bonus 3:Whitelabel Rights to MemberPal (197 value)

          PLUS Ankurs onsite bonuses.
          Ankur has delivered his bonuses,Why are you not delivering Your Bonuses?

          Greg Kononenko - 10/10/2016

          Hi Piero,

          I am not sure where the confusion may be. I have sent you my Google Doc link with the download instructions.

          Here is the image:

          If you click on each of those links, you will be taken to the appropriate location where you can download your bonuses.

          I have just tested all 3 links again. And I have tested all links on those destination pages. Everything is now working well.

          Maybe try to clear your cache? There are no issues at all that I can see.

          Those bonuses are hosted on ANKUR’s sites (not mine). They were down for a day or two. But they’re back up now.

          piero - 10/10/2016

          Sorry for putting Greg to the Test on Customer Service Which he passed with flying colours.A difficult problem finally cleared up by his personal attention , time and transparency in resolving customer problems.Turns out Greg’s one of the very few”Good Guys” in the IM biz world that care about there customers.One to follow.Keep it up Greg and thanks

          Greg Kononenko - 12/10/2016

          Thanks so much Piero, I appreciate it!

Robert - 07/10/2016

Hello Greg,

Where / What is your link for Street Smart Profits and are there any bonuses?

Robert - 07/10/2016

Heading over there.
Also did you review and are you also promoting the new Explaindio 3.0?
If so may I have that link?

    Greg Kononenko - 07/10/2016

    Thanks Robert 🙂 Actually I didn’t get a chance to review it, so I don’t have that anywhere

    Robert - 07/10/2016

    Sorry to Bug you again but just read the review where you gave the Powertoon and Video Scribe – In your opinion are those as good or better than getting Explaindio 3.0?
    Thanks in advance – Value your opinion a lot!

Ravi Kiran - 09/10/2016

Hi Greg, please refer my above email regarding autoviral bonus, i could not locate your email with bonus links, please mention the subject and the email through which you have sent bonus links and also forward the links again.

    Greg Kononenko - 10/10/2016

    Hi Ravi, sent to ki****_panc***@**.co.in, subject I believe was “inquiry” and sent at 12:27pm on Friday the 7th of October Australian Eastern time.

    I have just resent it to you again. Cheers.

Andrew - 10/10/2016

Hi Greg,
I just purchased 8 Minute Profits using your link and now i want to send me the bonuses that you offer from purchasing from you.

Item: 8 Minute Profits
SaleID: wso_sjx7dm_13822087
Price: 8.61 USD

Item: 8 Minute Profits Downgrade 1
SaleID: wso_vnpsgr_13822112
Price: 17.00 USD

Item: 8 Minute Profits Downgrade 2
SaleID: wso_scf1l0_13822148
Price: 17.00 USD

Lisa Santos - 16/10/2016

Hi, are you using snap reviews pro on your website? I stumbled upon your product online and became interested but I do not see it being used on your website posts for creating reviews of products. Please let me know. Thanks.

Desmond - 22/10/2016

Hi Greg,
I’ve just purchased 8 Minute Profits using your affliate link. Could you email me the bonuses from you. Thank you.

Item: 8 Minute Profits
SaleID: wso_sjx7dm_13901238
Price: 8.68 USD

Alessandro Bonafede - 24/10/2016

Hi Greg!

Your website is really cool, thank you for the tools and material you offer.

I’ve subscribed to get “100 clicks per day from Facebook” but I didn’t get any e-mail from you. I will be waiting for your bonus, thank you a lot!



Stephen - 24/12/2016

Hi Greg. Thanks for a great review blog here.

I just watched your reviews of WP Proficom and Freecom Blueprint 2.0.

I’m interested in starting up my own ecommerce website, so my question is:

What product should I choose?

If there’s something better than the two I mentioned here, then please let me know.

Please reply to my email.

Sumon - 25/01/2017

Do you still provide bonuses? Is it come with theme?

Gary Garnett - 02/02/2017

Hi Greg,

Just bought 8 minute profits and would like the bonuses please.


Item: 8 Minute Profits
SaleID: wso_sjx7dm_14814719
Price: 4.95 USD

Hello Gary Garnett,

We’ve processed your payments.

Payment details

Receiver email: mjbonlineservices@gmail.com
Amount: $4.95 USD
Transaction date: February 1, 2017

Status: Completed

Transaction ID: 6WF34044JA615552W
Invoice ID: 14814719.sale

Tom - 06/02/2017

In your review about 8 min profit you’ve mentioned they use Clixsense, is it to promote 8 min profit itself as they had similar product called 5 day fix showing you out an ad in similar website to Clixsense but to get link for promotion you needed to upgrade just wandering whether it is same thing?
Thx in advance Tom

Sunganani - 23/03/2017

What product would you recommend for someone who wants to start out with ecomm?

shahnayaz - 20/06/2017

Hi Greg,

My name is shahnayaz from bangladesh & interested about WPCM,so I need some advice from ur end. please answer me flowing:

1. if I get my associate ID from Amazone.com, so can I promote/sell products from this ID in India, UK, France, Brazil, China etc.

Laura - 27/06/2017


When I go to redirect site to pucharse WP Commission early bird price does not show.

Do I need to add a coupon?



Steve - 04/07/2017

Greg, My business partner and I just purchased a white label of your sinfiltrator product and have a question. Can you explain to us what the “Pro User Version” is compared to the basic, standard and agency versions. I do not see any documentation on this question. thank you.

    Steve - 04/07/2017

    By the way, your short code above is not not working in the contact form area. [bestwebsoft_contact_form lang=en] thought you should know..

Greg - 26/08/2017

Hi Greg,

I answered your note at the AR support site… so you know..Thanks…

doug - 08/11/2017

Just need a little help. I purchased Passivly and registered on the wrong link. I then changed my un and pw but all I GET is the sales page and not my bonuses. I erased the password info in PASSWORDS at CHROME. What to do next? The other contact locks up my cursor. Thanks

Thank You For Your Purchase
Product: Passivly
Vendor: brendan mace
Get Support »
Sold To: trustdoug@bellaliant.net
Sale Date: 2017-11-07 05:28:36
Sale Price: $13.03

craig swallow - 19/12/2017

I have bought a product through your link and the links for bonuses do not work.

Brian - 18/02/2018

Hey Greg .. I love what you’ve been doing in the internet marketing arena and your desire to help aspiring online entrepreneurs. I especially think traffic rebirth is going to be a game changer. Finally a way for struggling marketers to actually drive consistent traffic to their sites.
I’ve recently been spending my time helping product creators get great results with Instagram Influencer ads. I took a look at what you’ve been doing and would love to show you some ideas I have that can help generate you some more revenue (who doesn’t love more revenue, am I right?) When are you free for a 15 minute skype chat in the near future?
Brian Njoroge
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Timo - 04/03/2018

Hey Greg,

I noticed that you are promoting several different products in the online marketing space – awesome site, by the way…

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Follow this link:

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P.S.: I highly recommend you do this right now! I´m contacting people every day, so I´m sure I´ll have my ten people real quick…

Talk soon,

Farrukh - 28/03/2018

Hello Greg,

I’ve been getting emails and newsletters from you since about 1 year now, and you always have something new for your subscribers.

I need something that’s quick and hassle-free, even if it only generates $10-20 a day. No long learning curve. Your buyraiken product looks promising, but I have not tried it yet.

Another issue is that I reside in Pakistan, where PAYPAL is not officially supported.

Can you recommend something ?

Clyde Reid - 26/04/2018

I tried to purchase Traffic Victory through Jim Daniels’ affiliate link twice and got the same error message both times. Here is the error message

Your Purchase is not allowed.
We’re sorry, but your buying privileges to this vendor’s products have been removed by the vendor. Please contact the vendor for further information if you feel this is incorrect.

Can you possibly tell me what this is all about?


Selene - 05/05/2018

Thanks for some other informative website. Where else may just I
get that kind of info written in such an ideal approach?

I have a mission that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been at the look out for such info.

Colin.Weave - 18/09/2018

Requesting Rates for Backlink.


I’m Colin from Weave Asia.
We are interested in adding backlinks to your website and would want to know if it’s possible to add backlinks related to your website at a reasonable rates.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

FYI, your contact form is broken.

DeveloClub - 28/12/2018

How can I contact you? Do you have any seo services or web design?

John Turco - 10/01/2019

Hello Greg,

I used your technique of following on Pinterest and sent 406 follow requests in 2 days. So far I have been followed by 76 new followers in only 2 days.

I am having trouble finding group boards to join in the smoking cessation niche.
Do you offer training on setting one up and getting signups for that?

Thanks for the awesome results so far !

yaniv - 14/01/2019

Hello Greg

I wanted to ask about the bloggii course. If I buy the course and do the assignments in the course I can earn $ 100 a day, is it possible?

Francesca - 07/05/2019

Good write-up. I definitely love this site. Keep writing!

Dave Parsons - 21/05/2019

Greg I purchased your growth commander about a week ago. Somehow I lost one of the login. Can you reset both log in again? I usually use internet exployer but It didn’t allow me to type anything on the website(email and password)so i used google chrome and was able to type in my email and password but your site said both were wrong. I double checked both 5 times they are correct.I even cut and pasted.I even asked that my password be resent to me. The password I was using was correct. I can’t go to your support because you have to be login to use support. So Im in a catch22 situation. Will you please help me? I paid alot of money and can’t even use the course. H_E-L_P!!!

Dave Parsons - 21/05/2019

Greg I purchased your growth commander about a week ago. Somehow I lost one of the login. Can you reset both log in again? I usually use internet exployer but It didn’t allow me to type anything on the website(email and password)so i used google chrome and was able to type in my email and password but your site said both were wrong. I double checked both 5 times they are correct.I even cut and pasted.I even asked that my password be resent to me. The password I was using was correct. I can’t go to your support because you have to be login to use support. So Im in a catch22 situation. Will you please help me? I paid alot of money and can’t even use the course. H_E-L_P!!!

Peter Levick - 03/06/2019

I have watched a couple of your videos and watched a replay of a webinar you did on Growth Commander…
I checked a couple of your blog posts and see links throughout the text, but a lot of them go to other websites, and not to sales pages / squeeze pages or affiliate products, so I am a little confused as to how you generate the income from your blog posts..

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Ester - 27/08/2019

I would like to know if you can help me. I have joined (for the first time) a few affiliate programs. But what is really frustrating is that you can not find any “user friendly” tutorials any where. I am a newbie at blogging but I have watched some of your videos and really like the way you describe things. Can you help me… I would like to know if you have joined Peerfly and JVZoo affiliates how on earth do you get those links on your posts as a post. Hope I make sense. Everyone is like talking how to promote them but they do not cover the area as to how to put it on your blog. Its like when you ask someone how do you make cheese? You did not ask him the history about cheese or where do you get the ingredients. You asked how do you MAKE cheese. I hope you can help me….

Amelia Edinburgh - 03/01/2020

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Daniel - 06/01/2020

Hi. I have installed actually woocommerce, the plugin commision machine and configurate it with the Amazon API and so. When I use the internal searcher it list ok the articles, but not importting such selected articles at all.. they are not at Products list as in the tutorial video…
Thanks in advance.

Mora Lui - 02/02/2020

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Jerry Considine - 23/03/2020

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Santosh - 12/07/2020

Very good Site, like few articles very knowledgeable, nice blog which cover good topics
keep posting like this. thank you

david - 21/08/2020

Hi. We tried your idea for traffic via a Medium post (we also broke it up – started on Medium, continued on our site).

Its a great idea, totally logical. Normal quality post, keyword has large volume, low SD – and it didnt work.

Leaving aside the Q of content quality (I think fine), any possible reasons?

Benjamin - 23/09/2020

Numerous condominium now started to erect in Philippines especially in Cebu. As mentioned in the blog of this page that could be the future home in the Philippines. I can say yes to major cities but no to rural places.

eric - 01/10/2020

recently you sent me to a training or webinar the guy got fired from a bank and hasd been trying affiliate marketing online once fired he figured out how to help people and send people to these free trainings let them do the selling and now this guys wife quit the big bank and does the same thing. for the life of me i cant figure out the guys name or even hoe to look into it again. For me it seems the most logical way to make money online could you please tell me what im looking for? you sent me there from an email you sent and had me sign up. thanks


Addison Ron - 06/10/2020

Thanks for sharing this brilliant post, I just bookmarked this post for future reference.
Really love your work have learned so much.

Max - 16/11/2020

Hello, it’s 2020 and I like your blogs. What i don’t understand is that I don’t know how to promote webhosting and e-commerce website. Struggling to get influencers too. No money I have no website. If you see my message please reply. I don’t know what to do?

Eric - 26/11/2020

Hello there. I have a PayPal accnt but it’s in my wife’s name….I am a Canadian whom lives in the Philippines…I want to be an affiliate for hosting sites such as Siteground and so on…. I built my website by siteground/wordpress…. Here the trouble I am running into. Here’s what they told me – The SiteGround affiliate program is not available in your region. – Can I use a fake address?

Thanks for your time, Love your vids… Eric

Lindsey Town - 19/12/2020

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Mohammed Saif - 31/12/2020

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Pollah - 24/01/2021

Could You guys incorporate a search function in the website?

Helen - 22/02/2021

how and when do you have enrolment webinars? How much is it? Do you provide one-on-one instructions for your new member via zoom? What other affiliate programs do you have? How soon can I start making some money? Thank you.
Helen Nwobi-Robertson

Helen Nwobi-Robertson - 22/02/2021

How do people enrol in your business?

Kelly - 01/09/2021

I’m pretty sure you misspelled the word “didnt” on your site. You might want to check out a site like SpellRadar.com or SiteCheck.com which have helped me with problems like this in the past.

Muhammad Tayyab Amin - 15/02/2022

Honourable sir,
I am a professional blogger and want to publish my posts on your site. So, please let me know what you would charge me per post?
Terms and conditions:
Article will be unique and length 500 – 1000 words
Link will be do-follow and permanent
Articles will be related to seo, essay writing, technology, your site niche etc.
If you are interested in any other niche let me know

Stephen Wallace - 15/06/2022

Hey Greg…. Have been following your caffeinated blogger YT channel for a few months now and came across your “Caffeinated Niche Profits” course. Since the course was originally launched a few years ago, is the FB group still active and have you made any changes/updates to the course? I am looking for some educational guidance to build a site that will compliment my “Doggie Footprints” YT channel. Any suggestions would be helpful and muchly appreciated.


Mayank - 11/11/2022

Hey Greg, just watched a YTVideo of yours where I saw you using Invideo’s Text to Video feature. I am developing a similar product which would be 10x of what they are doing currently, would you want to try it out?

Do reach out to me on the email provided above


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