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Before we get all serious about retargeting, just wanted to share with you the photo of me and my daughter. We went to the Luna Park here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, and the photo is from there.

She’s growing up too fast! Do you think she looks like me?

Anyway, now let’s get into Retargeting.

Today I wanted to share with you some very exciting results that I have been getting using Facebook Retargeting.

If you are still not using retargeting in your business, you are seriously missing out big time, and need to start doing it ASAP. Hopefully this will help you.

First of all, let’s start with the very basics.

What is Retargeting?

Simply put, it’s very similar to building an email list. The difference is that you are creating your own custom list of people on Facebook, and arrange them into a “Custom Audience”. Once you’ve created the audience, Facebook gives you a piece of code which you can then insert into any page that you own.

When someone visits that page, they will get a “cookie” placed in their browser, which tags them. Facebook will then collect the information about those visitors, and will arrange them into that “Custom Audience” for you.

You can show ads to that custom audience, which allows you to get very targeted traffic very cheaply. Why cheaply? Well, all those people are interested in what your page was about. If it was a blog post about squeeze pages, and they’ve come to that page, they are interested in squeeze pages. This means, if you put up an ad offering them to download a pack of squeeze pages, every single one of them is interested in your squeeze pages.

This is why retargeting ads get sky-high Click Through Rate (CTR) and really cheap cost per click.

You can learn all of the Retargeting Basics over here on Digital Marketer’s article on Retargeting.

The focus of this post was to share the results I am personally getting and show you how simple it is to use retargeting.

What Do You Need to Succeed?

In order to successfully use retargeting, you need the following components:

1) Traffic from somewhere (such as organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click traffic, Warrior Forum signatures etc). If you are not yet sure where to get traffic, you can check out my previous products Free Traffic Cash Surge or Penny Traffic Cash Surge.

2) Landing page where the traffic from Step 1 will be directed. This can be a squeeze page to capture email addresses, or an article on your blog, or even a sales page for your own product.

3) Your Custom Audience which you can create in Facebook

4) The Facebook pixel which you can get once you’ve created the Custom Audience

5) The Facebook ad which you can create to target the Custom Audience

The outcome will be that you can get extremely targeted, extremely cheap traffic from the Facebook Ad served up to your Custom Audience. Check out the results further in the post.

Where I Place Retargeting Pixels

I place retargeting pixels everywhere.

For example, on the sales pages of my product launches. That way I can still retarget people who didn’t buy the product. As a rule, something like 15% of visitors to my sales page will buy my product. Well, I capture the remaining 85% into my retargeting audience.

Similarly, when I buy solos, I place retargeting pixels on my squeeze pages. I have 35-55% optin rates, so retargeting captures the remaining % into my Custom Audience.

What I Do With The Custom Audience

Well, just yesterday I have fired up a new ad.

I used the custom Audiences from my last couple of product launches, and offered a free gift to those audiences. The gift was one of the previous reports that I have released.

Things I needed were:

  • Autoresponder with a newly set up list, and 2 follow up messages
  • A squeeze page offering the gift in exchange for the email
  • A thank you page advising people to check their email and also asking them to whitelist my email address
  • A facebook ad

I created this simple 1200 x 630 ad using PowerPoint:

cpa reta


I then created an ad in Facebook that looks like this:



As you can see, nothing too special or crazy.

When I was creating the ad, I chose the FB ad option “website conversions” and then placed the special conversion pixel they gave me inside the <head> section of my thank you page.

The “website conversion” FB ad option optimizes the way your ad is served to ensure you get the most conversions at the best price.

I have given the ad campaign a budget of just $10 a day.

How did it go?

Here are the results so far, after 24 hours:





As you can see, I have got 58 sign ups to my gift, at an average cost of just $0.15 per sign up, which is amazing. Normally, when you buy solo ads, you expect to pay $0.45 per click, not per sign up. With Solo Ads, cost of an optin is around $1. So Facebook Retargeting is about 7 times cheaper, which is just crazy.

You can now see why I love retargeting 🙂

What To Do Next

Well, now you have a good idea about retargeting. If you want to implement it in your business, you can do the following:

1) Set up a landing page of some sort. If you have bought any of my previous product, you know that I am a huge fan of building a list and then marketing to that list. So I recommend you set up a squeeze page to capture customer email addresses. If you don’t know where to start, a good starting point would be my course “Unstoppable List Building Profits“.

2) Set up a thank you page which thanks the person who has just opted in, and advises them that the gift has been sent via email. If they have entered incorrect email, they will want to go back to the previous page and enter the correct email.

3) Load up the autoresponder so that it delivers the gift via the first email.

4) Go to Facebook, and set up a Custom Audience (go to Manage Ads, then Custom Audiences)

5) Grab the pixel (go to Audiences, tick the Audience, choose Actions, then Create / View Pixel). When you are creating the pixel, you can set it up in such a way that you only collect the people who visited one page, but not the other. So for example only those who visited your page but didn’t opt in to your list.

6) Insert the pixel into the <head> section on your landing page. Exact instructions on how to do that would differ depending on how you host your squeeze page.

7) Get the traffic flowing to the squeeze page. Inside Unstoppable List Building Profits I talk about solo ads and funnel clicks. However, I have noticed that the quality of those clicks is going down. So right now, if you are not sure how to get traffic, you can check out my courses Free Traffic Cash Surge or Penny Traffic Cash Surge.

8) Once you’ve got 200-300 people in your audience, you can create retargeting ads to them to give them another gift to attract them onto your list. Alternatively, in your retargeting ads, you can choose for those people to go straight to an affiliate offer.

Any Questions? What Did You Think?

If you have any comments questions at all, I would love to hear from you. What did you think? Was it useful? Take a minute and drop me a comment below.

I really hope this post was useful. If you weren’t familiar with retargeting before, you should now understand how it works.

And if you thought you need to create fancy ads to be successful, then you can now see that in fact my ads are very simple and they work really well.

Speak to you all soon!


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    • Christian Schade

      Great, thanks. I am a newbie and I am looking at FB ads…one question: Example: I have a lead coming in from a solo ad to my landinpage. I have the retarget system in place. The lead needs to have a profile and be active on FB, right? I mean Facebook can only retarget inside FB, but maybe I have missed that in your post..?

    • Christian Schade

      Thanks. At least I now know that I understand it correctly

      I am really not a tech-guy. Do you have any recommendations if I want to look for an outsourcing option?

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