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    • Greg Kononenko

      I am here if you have any questions 🙂

    • Alex

      So essentially this is only a YouTube site builder?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by. It pulls videos and all video data from YouTube, that’s correct. It then adds affiliate links / banners as per the templates you define. And it can automate that process.

    • Geir

      I have some wp websites with content already. 1. Can I use this plugin to add relevant videos? 2. Is it possible to have more than one line of videos on one site? Ex: for a sports site can I import and promote eg. 2 or more products with these videos, like T-shirts as one product, caps as another – or necessary to have one site pr product?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Geir,

        1) I don’t think it can add videos to existing posts. But it can create new posts on your site with the video, while keeping the other posts

        2) I think it can only do 1 video per page.

        3) Yes you can create many “campaigns” so it pulls different videos with different keywords.

        Hope it helps 🙂

    • Mo

      send me the link to the 1st OTO so I can buy that from you to get your BONUS 1: “EXCLUSIVE: My Cool Method of Automatically Getting Traffic”

      I have already bought the FE thru someones link until I saw your video

    • Mo

      Greg, Can you send me the link? I am about to travel or else I will buy it from someone else.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Mo, thanks for the messages. I am in Sydney, so just woke up and saw your message, sorry didn’t get it back to you in time.

    • dan hoz

      Hey greg. I bought through your link but didnt see the traffic bonus on the jvzoo page.

    • Bob

      Can you give more details on the traffic method?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Bob, yes for sure, I show how to hook up these scheduled posts to a free service which will automatically share them on social media sites. One of these sites is what I’m using pretty successfully now on one of my niche blogs.

    • bob

      Hi Greg -Does this content (videos) pass for unique content? Will it help to get approved for an adsense account?

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