Nobody is a perfect driver, but every single one of us should take active steps to trying to be the perfect driver at all times. Part of good driving can come down to sheer experience. But many of us neglect the fact that a huge part of good driving falls down to making good decisions behind the wheel. The better decisions you make, the better a driver you will be. So, here are a few situations you may find yourself in and how you can make better decisions to avoid incidents and accidents.

Driving While Ill

We all get ill from time to time and we often still need to get about and do different things. Perhaps we need to get to work. We might need to go to the supermarket to pick up supplies. Maybe we even need to attend a doctor’s appointment. But it’s extremely important that you make sure you are in a fit state to drive before getting behind the wheel. If you feel nauseous, faint, or otherwise incapacitated (or have potential to quickly become incapacitated) just do not drive. You should also check any medication or tablets that you’re taking while ill to see whether they have any impact on driving. Some tablets will note that you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while taking them. A car is classed as heavy machinery. Listen to the leaflet to keep both yourself and others safe.

Driving to Events

Driving under the influence is illegal for good reason. Alcohol can significantly inhibit your behaviour, reaction speeds, and your decision making abilities. You can seriously harm or even kill yourself and others if you engage in this activity. If you are caught driving under the influence, you will be charged with a DUI and will have to contact a reliable lawyer like Leyba Defence PLLC. Just avoid this situation in the first place by never drinking and driving. If you’re heading to an event where you feel you may drink – just get a taxi.

Driving While Tired

So many people drive while tired. But this is unacceptable. Nodding off behind the wheel could cause fatalities. If you’re tired – don’t drive. If you become tired while driving (this is particularly common for long drives), pull over in a safe spot and get some rest before commencing your journey again.

Ignoring Issues With Your Vehicle

Cars experience problems every once in a while. But don’t ignore issues in the hope they’ll go away. They won’t rectify themselves and you don’t want to be driving a dangerous vehicle on the roads. Don’t drive cars with problems until they have been fixed. Book in with a garage where a professional mechanic can put wrongs to rights before you get back on the road.

These are just a few scenarios you’re likely to find yourself in while you are a driver. So make sure to make the best and most responsible decisions at all times. You’re not the only person at risk from poor decision making, so take everyone into account. No risk is ever worth it on the roads!