The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that about 60% of small companies don’t remain in business beyond their first three years of establishment. Cash flow problems are undoubtedly among the biggest causes of business failure, and declining sales are a key factor in this. Consequently, your business must take the necessary action to reverse any decline in sales to revive your company’s odds of success. Here’s how to handle your company’s declining sales.

1. Listen to what customers are saying

A decline in sales directly occurs because your customers are not buying as you intend them to. Therefore, it makes sense to revive your failing sales strategy based on what these consumers are saying. This reality is because it isn’t uncommon for disconnections to arise between your offerings and clients’ needs. After all, these needs evolve, and your business will be left behind if it fails to keep up. Luckily, listening to what customers are saying can help you identify what to do to stop your sales from plummeting. Perhaps you need to change your products or simply deliver them in a better way. Also, you may need to offer something that competitors don’t in addition to what you sell to recapture your target audience’s loyalty.

2. Improve your marketing strategies

Marketing is undoubtedly essential to your company’s success, so it makes sense to invest heavily in it. According to some experts, B2B companies should spend 2%-5% of their revenue on marketing as a common rule of thumb, while B2C companies should spend 5%-10%. However, you may need to spend more on marketing if your product or service is experiencing poor sales. Also, implement the best inbound and outbound marketing strategies to boost sales and establish a sustainable competitive advantage. Additionally, reach your audience through the right channels and deliver consistent and relevant marketing messages to attract and convert leads. Finally, experts such as DNA Coaching can help with quality sales training to ensure that your team adopts the right approach to sales, boosting your chances of success.

3. Hire the right salespeople

Your business may also not generate enough sales due to the staff executing the job. Indeed, salespeople who provide generic and unhelpful responses to potential customers’ enquiries may drive them away from competitors. Consequently, invest enough time and effort into hiring the right salespeople for your organization. You can hire great salespeople by asking for referrals since excellent sales managers, experienced directors, and team members will likely know many other good candidates from past work experiences. Also, consider potential candidates’ intrinsic motivations, integrity, and interpersonal communication skills to determine whether they are perfect fits for the job.

4. Use analytics to pinpoint the problem

The problem of declining sales has an origin that you should know and understand to solve appropriately. Therefore, it is vital to know why your sales are dropping in the first place before attempting to fix the problem. Fortunately, you can use analytics software from trusted companies to pinpoint the ineffective aspects of your overall sales strategy. This way, you can make the best adjustments in the right areas to sell more products and services.