Take-away food has always been a big market, with people loving the chance to eat a good meal without having to do any of the work which comes with it. Over the last few decades, though, this has changed from something which people go and get for themselves, to something which is brought right to the door. As time as gone on, this has developed even further. Nowadays, restaurants and fast food companies have the chance to choose between using their own delivery drivers or app networks which are built by other companies. As a small business owner, though, which is best for you?

In-House Delivery

Having your own drivers is the old way of doing things, but this doesn’t mean that it will automatically be bad for your business. Instead, this sort of option is good for those who want complete control over their delivery times, along with the ability to handle complex requests which can’t be communicated through an app. This comes with some complications, though. When you have people using motorbikes and cars, you will need insurance and legal support. You can find details from Hasner Law and similar companies to help you out, but most of this work will have to be done by yourself. A lot of companies are moving away from this route because of the costs involved.

App Networks

App networks are becoming very popular in urban environments, with cyclists and drivers alike being able to handle deliveries on a freelance basis while companies enjoy the benefits of not employing people for the job. These apps can be great, as they are central hubs for people who’d like to order some food. Of course, though, you have to pay a commission when orders come through, you don’t get to dictate the standards of your delivery service, and you could find your business being lost amongst other options. This is never good when you’re trying to compete to survive.

Choosing Your Option

When it comes to choosing the best option for you, a lot of companies will struggle to make the final choice. If you already have too many employees which have to spend time waiting around, having your own service could be a great option. For those without this availability, though, using an app network can be a great way to give your company the power to deliver to people’s doors. While this may hurt some of the more independent businesses out there, it gives more the chance to make a name for themselves. In the world of food, this can be the difference between making and breaking.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of choosing the type of delivery your food business is going to provide. A lot of companies struggle in this area, even when the answer is very clear. This doesn’t have to be the case for you, though, as you have these options to help you out.