When you are looking to go ahead and add value to your rental properties, there are many considerations to make. Of course, the main aim at the end of the day is to increase the properties and rental value so you can maximise the income you receive.

With that in mind you might want to jump straight in and go ahead and start tackling all of the renovations yourself however there are times when you will just need to go ahead and call in a professional.

Within this guide you will be able to see the jobs that you, a DIYer, will be able to go ahead and complete yourself versus thoses where you will need to call someone in.

Which Jobs To Avoid

Depending upon the scale of the renovation that you are undertaking, and also your skill set, will determine which jobs you are capable and competent enough to take on.

While you be might be tempted to have a go at any and all hobs there are certain jobs that are always best left to the professionals. When dealing with any type of electriocal work it is always best to seek the guidance or hire an electrician to complete the work to make sure all the wires are secure and that nothing is left unsafe or a risk to your future tenants. This is the same if you are dealing with any kind of gas works within your property. Due to the potential risks and dangers hiring a professional is always best.

Plumbing and waterwork jobs are ones that potentially could be left to a professional or one you may be able to do yourself. The risk with these isn’t as significant, and will be based more upon your abilities. Although, it is important that you are mindful that although the risk of doing your own plumbing is lower, if it is done wrong there is still the risk of flooding and damage.

DIY Jobs You Can Do

Again before jumping straight in, your capabilities are still vital in determining which DIY jobs you should do. If you just need a plug socket changing or a tap these might be doable for some but not for other. It is important to acknowledge your capabilities and if you are new to DIY to attempt jobs that are easy to begin with and watch tutorial videos online.

Basic DIY jobs that all skills sets coud attempt would be decorating, such as striping, papering and painting walls, tiling, putting up shelves and curtains. If you have experience and the tools you could attempt other DIY tasks such as fitting a kitchen or replacing a bathroom suite. With any DIY attempted it is important that you set aside ample time to ensure the job is done properly, that you have all of the relevant equipment needed, you have protected the property with dust sheets and you have protected yourself with eye protective wear, gloves if needed and protective footwear incase anything gets dropped.