Driving safety is the most important thing when you are on the road. As soon as you sit behind the wheel it is your chance to be responsible and safe for the sake of yourself and others.

There are plenty of great ways to stay safe on the road and this can be anything from installing a black box with Blackbox My Car; getting a brand new model; or choosing an eco friendly addition.

Today though, we are going to talk about driving technique and the things you need to make sure that you do when on the road.

Stay Alert

The most obvious tip we can give anyone for staying safe on the road is to be alert. As you are driving you should always have your eyes 5 cars ahead, and you need to also look around you to make sure you know where pedestrians, cyclists and animals are. Staying alert will allow you to react quickly to any issue on the road.

Use Indicators

There is a running home that BMW drivers and Audi drivers don’t have indicators in their cars, and unfortunately not using their indicators can cause an issue for everyone on the road and cause danger. Indicating allows other road users to know where you are going and anticipate if you will slow down imminently. It is crucial to use indicators because if you don’t someone could drive into the back of you.

Buckle Up

This is safety tip number 1 when in a car. It is incredibly important that you always wear a seatbelt and you are always ready to strap in. A seat belt will protect you if you are ever in a collision from flying forward and into the windscreen. It is incredibly important and could save your life.

Read Amber Lights

When approaching traffic lights it is important to pay attention to the amber light as well as the red and green. The amber light acts as a warning to drivers that the lights are about to turn red. When amber starts to flash, this is when you should be slowing down ready to stop.


When approaching a junction a lot of us simply put the car into second or first gear and edge forward until we see that it is safe to go. However, you should always stop the car completely when at a junction which is busy because you don’t want to accidentally roll the car forwards and cause an incident. Stopping will allow you to breathe, assess the situation properly and make a rational decision.

Do Not Text and Drive

It doesn’t matter if your phone has a voice control or not, texting and driving in any capacity is dangerous because it takes your attention off your surroundings. Make sure to always put your phone away and let people know not to contact you while you are concentrating on the road. This is something which could save not only your life, but the lives of anyone around you too.