The really great thing about online marketing is being able to set up nice funnels which run on autopilot and make you money. I’ve been lucky enough over the past 12 months to get a few of these going myself.

Image being able to set up a nice little campaign where you are buying $1 worth of traffic and it’s making you $5 back? Would you set up more than 1? That would be so cool – and that’s exactly what’s possible if you know how to get cheap traffic and how to convert it into sales.

Today I have found something REALLY different. This is a course by James Canzanella, who makes almost all of his money doing exactly that. In fact, one of his best campaigns is producing $124 for every $1 he spends on traffic.

Watch my video below to learn how you can set up nice little funnels making $50 to $100 every single day on autopilot:

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Main Course Overview ($17)

First of all, James Canzanella is a very well known marketer. He is not someone who relies on creating products to make money online. In fact, he rarely releases anything. He makes most of his money from DOING things.

I know that he has been getting really good results with Bing traffic for a very long time. We have chatted about it many times on Facebook. So I am actually excited that he has decided to release all of this powerful information and make it available for a very reasonable price.

Here is an example of one of the case studies that James has set up, he has spent $0.92 on traffic and made $124.30 in Clickbank commissions.

elite commission machines review

Here is the outline of the system:

  • You use some very good research tools (some free and some are paid, but come with free trial)
  • With those tools, you’ll be able to determine what offers convert, what ads people run, and what keywords to bid on
  • You set up your campaign and bid $0.05 – $0.10 per keyword
  • You set up the landing pages according to what you see in the research tools
  • If you know that someone has been making money and running an ad for 100+ days, you can have full confidence that their campaign is making money
  • You just copy that campaign

This system is very logical. And I personally didn’t know that you could use all of these awesome spying techniques to figure out exactly what is making money for others. And I think that it’s great to have the ability to see your competitor ads, find out their landing pages, keywords that they use and the offers they promote.

Following this system, James is really protecting himself from any risk of failure, and has a good degree of confidence that his own campaign will be successful, because he’s done all of his research upfront.

Inside, you will find a high quality membership site with the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Account Setup
  • Offer selection
  • Tracking account setup
  • Spying and finding high probability campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign tracking explained
  • Bing campaign setup
  • Campaign analysis and optimization

Given the amount and quality of information inside, and the results James is achieving, I think that $17 is a very fair price.

Upgrade 1 Review ($47)

  • A list of additional networks to start the ECM system with
  • A list of winning converting offers
  • Case study showing the exact offer and ad copy used to turn $1 ad spend into 100 in commissions
  • Additional affiliate marketing and CPA training

Upgrade 2 Done For You ($97)

  • 20 proven winning campaigns
  • 20 packs of keywords, matching the campaigns, which you can add straight into your campaign
  • 20 packs of ads matching the keywords and the campaigns

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