The whole point of marketing is to promote or sell products and services. The best way to do this is to have a clear message, to have the knowledge of what it is you’re trying to sell; what it is you want to raise awareness of; and why it is essential. Sticking to this message throughout your campaign is vital, you need to keep to what it is you want to say and not let the message get lost; it’s the only way that your audience will understand the message. Keeping your marketing direct and straightforward is the best way to get to the point and get your point across without getting flustered while trying to be ‘different’ or trying to shock.

With so many platforms to deliver messages, marketing professionals often make the mistake of overloading consumers with messages which only pushes customers away. You want to keep your customers loyal, people never want to feel like they’re being ‘sold’ to, they want to feel informed, loved and important to your brand. It’s down to the customers if your campaign succeeds or not, so don’t confuse them – just be honest and tell them the information they need.

Some really good examples of this simple but effective marketing are found in healthcare marketing campaigns. In healthcare, people don’t want jargon; they don’t want to be confused, they want to be informed, so healthcare marketing has to raise awareness and make an impact. It is an industry that many others could learn from.

The recent campaign for Durex who partnered with HIV charity, (RED) was controversial, a little shocking but made an impact and asked people to ‘give a f*ck’ about HIV. The campaign was effective as it stood out, it was relatable and realistic and a great way to educate younger consumers about AIDS and encourage safe sex.

Bodyform, the brand that dared to normalize periods in 2017 with the #bloodnormal movement, recently released the Viva La Vulva campaign in Sweden and Denmark. This bold new campaign celebrates the vulva and fights against the myths, insecurities, and stereotypes that women are subjected to when it comes to their genitals.

The Strokes campaign, designed to raise awareness of strokes is probably one of the most memorable. Most people know the acronym ‘FAST’ – Face, Arm, Speech and Time because this message was clear, direct and straightforward.

Healthcare marketing is so important because it can save lives. Getting people to take notice and listen is one thing but then to get them to understand is another. Healthcare can be complicated; it can be messy, it can be something that people would rather ignore than face, so healthcare marketers have a challenge on their hands before they even begin. Without these obstacles though, just think what impact your marketing campaign could have if you took some inspiration and learned from some of these healthcare marketing campaigns. It’s not about who can shout the loudest, more who can shout the clearest.

Healthcare provides some very obvious examples as we can all relate to them and can see their effectiveness, however in different industries you have to adapt this, Elite Lawyer Management law firm marketing can help with your law firm marketing and other agencies specialise in other sectors so it’s good to shop around.