Business is changing and evolving in big ways. What was once a tried and tested method is now under the spotlight in today’s industry. At the least, there is new, up and coming tech which threatens to jeopardize its existence. Ask marketers and they will agree.

Bosses have to be savvy. It’s not okay to continue as if everything’s the same because you’ll fall behind. Telecommuting is a perfect example. Decades ago, managers loved their employees to sit at a desk and churn out work. In 2018, it’s a huge mistake for many reasons.

Here are four which show the true cost of failing to telecommute.

Overhead Expenses

The equation is straightforward – if there are more people in the office, the cost of overheads will increase. For example, the building will need to be warm or cold depending on the temperature outside. You may think this is an unavoidable expense but a large workforce takes up more space which needs regulating. This is the same for lighting and electricity. Computers at home don’t cost the company a penny, but they do in the office. Plus, there is the price of commuting. Businesses provide benefits such as company cars and that is a massive expense. No commute means overheads get slashed.

Accidents And Injuries

Let’s delve a little deeper into the topic of commuting to work. Forget about the rates of car rentals and gas for now because there are big issues to solve. Think about accidents on the road. In the US, there are millions of crashes on the highways every year. Of those, more than 6 million are fatal or end with a nasty injury. The first thing to say is that you may have to review your case from a liability perspective. Company-owned cars and motorcycles put the firm in the spotlight. Plus, there is the prospect of losing an employee for an extended period. Telecommuting eliminates these risks.

Narrow Recruitment

Employees are the lifeblood of the organization. Through their hard work, the business should grow and prosper. However, it’s not a guarantee because the candidates have to be of a certain standard. Unfortunately, without telecommuting, the company is inevitably going to narrow its search focus. The only people who are viable applicants are the ones who can work in the office. People in other countries with a fantastic skill set are dismissed because of their location. In this day and age, positions should be open to anyone and everyone regardless of geography.

Time Wastage

When the secretary sets up a meeting, do you roll your eyes a bit? Of course you do because face-to-face meetings are stuffy and boring. Even worse, they’re a waste of time. Sure, they may generate leads, but you can do this without leaving the office. Then, it’s possible to maximize what little time you have in your day to be efficient. Obviously, a webcam and a Skype account are vital because there is no other way to interact without standing next to the person.

How serious are you when it comes to telecommuting?