There is no pont sugar-coating it: we all spend a huuuuge chunk of our lives at work. It’s something we know, something you know and something your employees know, which is why a candidate ways up what sort of perks you offer when it comes to decision time.

But we don’t mean perks in the conventional sense. We’re talking more about the culture, which is something 78% of millennials said was more important to them the salary they took home and the benefits that were offered. It’s this idea of working in a fun office; a place where smiles fuel the productivity. It’s the secret to landing and keeping top talent.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what some of the more forward-thinking brands out there are doing:

1. AOL

Everyone has heard of AOL, but what you may not realize is how much they value their biggest assets: their employees. We’re talking about regular lip-sync battles and happy hours, ping pong areas and foosball tables. Or, if you would prefer to relax a little, they have nap rooms, massage chairs, onsite fitness classes and free drinks fridges. It’s what keeps their employees happy enough to look forward to work, and that’s the secret to productivity.

2. Patagonia

This is the leading brand for outdoor apparel and adventure gear, and the perks they offer their employees mimic this, especially their flexi-time perk that’s based on weather conditions. Yup. Employees can take time off if the surf is good or there is a fresh dollop of powder. They also offer on-site childcare and cafes, all of which is geared toward providing a great working environment.

3. AirBnb

For those that have been living under a moss-covered rock for the past decade, Airbnb is a disruptive company that allows people to get more from their travels by eradicating the monopoly that was hotels. And to celebrate their love for traveling, they give each of their employees $2000 to travel and see the world more. Not only does this make them more engaged in the brand, it fills them with passion and knowledge too.

4. Yahoo!

On-site fitness centers, yoga, basketball and volleyball courts, massage parlors, dental care, dry cleaning, car washes, free brekky – you name and they offer it. Oh, and they even help their staff pay off their student loans, whether it be through a service like or by literally handing them the cash. Then there is the sum fun they offer with regular picnics, Oktoberfest and throwing baby showers for newbie parents. Why? Because they want their “employees to feel excited about coming to work every day and making a difference”.

5. Huddle

So, we know that none of the perks thus far have really involved cash, which is a move that attracts millennials. But the ‘Huddle Cuddle’ is so wonderfully worded, that the £5000 joining bonus and £500 gift each year is enough to attract top talent and keep them put. The ‘Huddle Cuddle’. We love it.