When you want to attract new people to your product or service, or you want to retain customers, you’ll start to think of the best ways you can stand out. In terms of marketing, your goals are to grab as much attention as you can and to build relationships with anyone that will listen to you. The idea is to receive lots of money from people, and the best way of keeping this system going is by having a great marketing strategy.

The traditional and tested ways of advertising, such as TV, magazines/newspapers, radio, and those kinds of methods aren’t going to be fading anytime soon. They’re the traditional and clichéd methods because of how effective they are. In all honesty, however, there are thousands of ways you can generate interest in whatever you’re selling – it’s not exclusive to a specific procedure. It’s just a case of using a little creativity and seeing how far that gets you.

Because there are an almost endless amount of ways you can do this kind of thing, there will be a large number of wacky ways, too. If you can imagine it, then it’s probably possible to build a marketing ploy out of it. For now, though, let’s quickly run through a few examples of unorthodox ways of advertising stuff.

Advertise Loudly On Your Premises

When we say ‘loudly’, we don’t literally mean in terms of noise (although that might actually work, too!) We mean in terms of the size, colour, and overall level of attraction. If you’re working in a boring, dull place that looks like every other warehouse, factory, or office space, then you’re not going to stand out from the crowd. Giving it a different design, or splashing your logo on the side of it would make people stand and take notice. A large image gives off a ‘Hey! Look at me!’ vibe – they wouldn’t forget it if they walked past it.

Paint On Your Vehicle

Likewise, you can also make your car, van, or truck stand out. If you’re constantly in your vehicle throughout the day, or you have employees that are travelling around all day, then throwing your companies name and images all over it wouldn’t be a terrible idea. The looks aren’t the important factor here, but adding a few Custom Window Wraps and some extra vinyl designs could even make the car look a little prettier. At the end of the day, quite a few people would see it, and their interest would definitely be piqued.

Outlandish Social Media Behaviour

By now, you probably know that anything can be written or posted on social media. It’s a free
world, and we have free speech. You could use this to your advantage and get really creative. A lot of companies like to get their voices heard online, and a way they do it is by acting strangely or differentiating from their usual, professional approach. You shouldn’t act offensively or saying anything terrible, obviously – that would defeat the entire point of attracting people and making sales.