I often get asked what the simplest way to make 100+ a day online is. And every single time my answer is “eCom”. (And yes you can also combine eCom with out latest software Sinfiltrator).

However, traditional way of doing eCom relies on paid traffic, such as Facebook Ads. And if you get the ads wrong, then you can easily burn through a ton of cash in an instant.

So I always wished that there was a way to do eCom without having to pay for traffic. And luckily now there is, and it produces results like this:

Watch the video below to see how a new made $234 in 17 hours without having to pay for traffic:

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[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’1′]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piXGA0fL_Fs[/responsive_video]

Click Here at 11am US EST on Apr 10th, Use Coupon COM10OFF to Secure 10% discount and My Bonus


For the first 24 hours, you can get  10% off if you buy it through my link and use Coupon Code COM10OFF.

The price starts at $27, however you can get 10% off using the coupon and taking it to $24.30. After that the price will slowly rise to $47.

My Bonuses

If you pick up this course + software package through my link, here are all the exclusive bonuses that you will get:

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Click Here at 11am US EST on Apr 10th, Use Coupon COM10OFF to Secure 10% discount and My Bonus

How To Get The Bonus

After you purchase, watch out for the email from “JVZoo”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

    4 replies to "No Ads = 234 in 17 Hours"

    • Tim Cronin

      Like what I’m seeing Greg, and have just signed up for an eCom training using WP sites, but could see doing this course here right now just for additional income while I’m waiting for the eCom training (12 week, 1-week-at-a-time training, so will be a work in progress). The Ali Importer app sounds like a good tool, but just wondering what’s in the course covering fulfillment, and if there’s anything like an app or software to make fulfillment easier. Thanx again for the review. Looks like a good course even though I know nothing about Redditt or Instagram.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. Inside the course the guys show how to fulfil the items manually. There is no software that I know of at the moment that automates fulfilment, and the best solution that I have found is to outsource it to a VA. I can fulfil about 20 orders an hour myself though, so really you could do it yourself while you’re getting started. Once you get to 40+ orders a day, then you can think of potentially outsourcing it. Cheers.

    • Oowen

      Looks like another great product recommended by you. I agree…e-com model that you explain is a definitely a good income stream, provided you get the niche and traffic right. Ii struggled with my store, but getting some sales now. My guess is that the products you sell are in USD. This means that you have to get a business address and bank account in USA for it to work. Does this course provide details on how to get this as I live in Australia?
      I already bought one of your previous recommendations for e-com, but just no info anywhere on the set up of the store in USA, while living out of USA.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Owen, thanks for your comment. I think the best thing to do would be to speak to your accountant about that. I spoke to my accountant and it’s actually really simple to do, you pretty much don’t need anything special. I just don’t want to list his advice here because I think it’s best you get your own, but it’s super simple to do and very hassle-free. You won’t have any stock on hand. You will just collect payments from the US (GST-free) and make payments to Ali Express. Cheers.

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